Monday, August 29, 2011

Two New Sci/Fi Audiobooks from Iambik

Iambik had added two new science fiction titles to their catalog. The first sci/fi title is The Battle of the Underworld by Katie Paterson.   This is the third book in the "Chronicles of Valonia" series.  The first two books, The Golden Casket and The Spectres of Light, are also available at Iambik.  All three books are narrated by the talented Karen Savage.  

The second sci/fi book Iambik has released is Wrath of the Lemming-Men by Toby Frost.  This is also a 'series' book.  It's the third of "The Chronicles of Islambard Smith."  All three books are read by Clive Catterall.  The first two books in this series, Space Captain Smith and God Emperor of Didcot, are also available at Iambik. 

Both books are now on sale at Iambik for $6.99 each.  As always, the first chapters are posted there for a quick listen.  Enter the code “hurricane-listening” at checkout and receive 30% off any order.  Valid through Tuesday or until the storm blows over.  These titles will also be available via Audible, Amazon and iTunes within a few weeks of this release.

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