Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Estate Sale of a 20th Century Fox Executive Director

Well, that's how the estate sale Duane and I visited yesterday was advertised.  We don't know what this person directed or when he died but he left a lot of nice stuff.  Linda was out of town visiting her mom (Hi, Jessie!) so it was just Duane and I making the trip to the south side of town.  There had been over 450 pictures listed with this estate sale so we had a very good idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, we arrived a 1/2 hour after it had started which was completely my fault.  I headed to Duane's house at the usual time I leave for these sales but the traffic was especially bad for some reason.  I'm going to have to allow more time for my commute for some of these Friday sales.

Even with being a half hour late, this was definitely worth the trip.  Lots of art, small ceramics and silver.  If you were looking for quality furniture, the house was loaded with Ethan Allen pieces.

I noticed that the owner seemed to like more of a midcentury look when it came to dinnerware.  Also lots of nice Asian ceramics.  We've been to other sales held by this estate sale company and they're really nice people.  They price items reasonably and are also willing to haggle.

I would have loved a chance at that small red and white ceramic piece sitting on the cabinet in the pic above but it was gone.  Too bad for me -- you snooze, you lose.

Nice rugs of various styles but all of good quality were available.  Also a number of newer Tiffany lamps.

Much of the art consisted of museum shop pieces that were the 'brushstroke' type and nicely framed.  Not my thing but great for someone wanting a copy of a masterpiece.

Of  course, we didn't leave empty-handed.  There were a LOT of DVDs.  Perks of the jobs, maybe?  I bought three along with a little Dansk vase that caught my eye.  It's signed by the designer Kathleen Wills.  Duane bought a very nice silk knitted sweater and a paper cutter.

Our purchases.

We headed for coffee and a treat afterwards and discussed what we missed by being late.  Heh, heh, heh.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Made it to a Friday Estate Sale!

Duane, Linda, and I hadn't been to an estate sale in several weeks.  We had been doing other things together but nothing had popped up on the estate front until this one today in South Tampa.  It was in an older home which was in beautiful condition.  It's always nice to see the original homes as opposed to the McMansions that people put up after razing houses with so much charm.

This sale didn't begin until 10am.  Sigh.  I love when I get to sleep a little longer!  We arrived promptly at 10 and there were already tons of cars lining the streets for this one.  People had already been allowed into the house and it was a frenzy.

Lots of lovely furniture and art.  We all agreed that it just figured that we would run into such good buys on nice furniture when none of us were currently in the market for it.  However, that doesn't mean we left empty-handed.

I found a boxed set of the books commonly called The Forsyte Saga (the 3 original books and the follow-ups) by John Galsworthy.  This edition had been reissued when the original  series aired in the late '60's.  Beautiful condition.

Linda purchased a lovely signed print of a water color.  I was tempted by some of the art but, boy, you had to be fast.  People were stripping it from the walls as quickly as they entered the rooms.   The owner had quite a bit of original art along with nicely framed prints -- some signed by the artists.

Duane eyed a piece of blue and white Delft but it was a much larger piece than she usually collects so she passed.  We hit the coffee shop afterwards for a long gabfest with treats and considered this one of the nicest sales we had attended lately.

My purchase and Linda's purchase.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Two new children's books available on Audible today!

Long time, no post.  Bummer.  Real life has gotten in the way of posting lately -- not bad stuff just really busy stuff.  Anyhoo...

I now have two new books available on Audible that were written for young children and those beginning to read.  First up is Grunty Grunts and Smiley Smile by Bertha E. Feist. 

Are you a grunty grunt or a smiley smile? This classic children’s story, written in rhyme, asks that question of the reader and gives examples of both types of behavior. Though originally published in 1920, this book is still relevant for today’s small children. What child has not wanted to share his or her toys, behave at the table or refuse to go to bed at night? This is a great story to listen to along with your child.

It can be found on Audible here

The second book is Piffle's A B C Book of Funny Animals by J.L. Gallagher. 

This charming book for young children and those beginning to read introduces the letters of the alphabet written in rhyme. Each letter introduces a different animal along with a simple fact or humor to describe it. First published in 1919, this book was produced by the Henry Altemus Company as part of their "Wee Books for Wee Folks" series. A good book for listening along with a child since some of the vocabulary used might not be familiar yet to the very young listener or beginning reader.

It's for sale on Audible here

Now, it's back to work...