Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Shop Seminole Heights Friday

Since one of our favorite stores in Duane's neighborhood, Seminole Heights, just moved into a nicer and larger location, we decided to visit that store along with some others and have lunch, too.  Our buddy, David, just moved his store A Modern Line into a building just behind his wife Sherry's shop, YesterDaze.

The new place has a lot more room inside and there were many vignettes of furniture/decor groupings.  The place looks great and, as always, there are fantastic mid-century items of all types for purchase.  You can also put items on consignment in the shop.

We also headed to the Bali Bay Trading Company where I purchased a white and silver bead cuff bracelet and a long white shell and mirror windchime.  The windchime (pictured laying on a desk) will be hanging in a corner of our guest room.  It should look great against the spring green walls.  Linda also purchased a beautiful thin cotton scarf in white, green and turquoise.

After that we headed to a new store that we hadn't visited yet  -- Vintage Post Marketplace.  It's directly across the street from YesterDaze and A Modern Line.  This place was unbelievably huge.  We knew it was large judging from the outside but had no idea the building sprawled back so far.  They carry a little bit of everything in the line of jewelry, decor, furniture, some clothing.  Duane scored a bulb pot for her Delft collection.  This store consists of new items and older and vintage items for sale and on consignment.  They also feature the work of local artists.  This was our first visit but we'll definitely be going back.

Then we headed to another favorite destination, D & D Antiques and More, where Duane put a table on layaway and Linda purchased a set of beautiful Noritake dessert plates.

After this we were starving, so we headed to Nicko's Diner.  We were so hungry, I felt like a pig at a trough.  (Shameful to admit.)  After stuffing ourselves, we went back to Duane's and went our separate ways.  Till next time...

Duane's Delft bulb pot.

My windchime and bracelet.
Linda's scarf and Noritake plates.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Two Garage Sale Friday

It seemed like all of the Friday estate sales yesterday were being held in other cities so we decided to check out a couple of large garage sales in Duane's part of town.  It actually worked out pretty well.  The first sale yielded items for Duane and for me.  I bought yarn, some knitting looms, and a packet of a rainbow of colors of embroidery floss.  (I have a project that's been on my list that requires floss.)  Duane found some pretty Bob Mackie dinnerware, some stainless steel cooking utensils and a Michael Kors dust bag for the Michael Kors handbag that she purchased gently used from a thrift shop.  Linda snagged a nice one with a used Dolce & Gabbana bag.  Very soft leather that should polish up nicely if she chooses to do that or use it as is for a casual worn look.

I mentioned that I needed embroidery floss for a project.  This is still a little ways down my list but I bought a pattern to make an embroidery wall hanging of David Bowie from his Ziggy Stardust era.  Here's what the finished product looks like from designer Heidi Hengel-Nieling on her blog Speckless

Not your grandma's embroidery!

Heidi also sells the pattern for this project on her Etsy site.  You can purchase this and other items here.  I purchased the pattern a few months ago but finally realized when I came across that package of embroidery thread that it was time to start moving.  I already have a wood 9 inch embroidery hoop I can use.  I'm not sure about learning to make the Shisha mirrored parts but I may as well give it the old college try.  I have to brush up on the different embroidery stitches but, thanks to the Internet, that won't be hard to do.  As for colors, I'll probably stick pretty close to the ones Heidi used.  Who knows what may overtake me when I finally pierce the fabric with my needle.

Below is a pic of the items we all purchased.  As usual, we had treats afterward and caught up on our activities from the past week.  Until next time...
Our buys.