Thursday, November 24, 2011

Iambik releases 2 new audiobooks and their 3rd crime collection

Iambik Audiobooks released 2 new books to start off the Thanksgiving weekend along with their third crime collection.  The new releases include Endogamy Blues by Mark Shainblum and narrated by the popular and versatile Elizabeth Klett.  This one is science fiction -- "The neo-fascist armies of the Liberator have swept across the Americas like a plague. Montreal is in flames, and the front is less than a kilometre away.
Seventeen year-old Joanie Morgernstern can expect no mercy from the victors. As a Canadian soldier, an Augmented Human and a Jew, she is a blood enemy to the Liberator three times over, fit only for “purification.” Michael Cross, 16, a technician in the Army of the Iroquois Six Nations, is on the same hitlist. He expects nothing from the next few hours except death.
Instead, he finds Joanie."

This from one critic:  “Mark Shainblum does military SF intelligently and gracefully in 'Endogamy Blues.'” -- Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction."

Next up is a classic of literary fiction.  The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy narrated by the lilting voice of Tadhg Hynes.  This is one of Hardy's most popular novels.

"With its deeply flawed heroine and its (for the time) open acknowledgement of illicit sexual relationships, The Return of the Native raised some eyebrows when it first appeared as a serial in Victorian Britain."  - Wikipedia

And, lastly, Iambik released "Crime Collection No.3" which includes five titles: One O'clock Jump by Lise McClendon, Sweet and Lowdown by Lise McClendon, The Stone Gallows by C. D. Ingram, Wild Turkey by Micheal Hemmingson and Blackbird Fly by Lise McClendon.
These books normally cost $6.99 each but Iambik is offering the collection of all five titles for $24.99.

Take some time during this holiday weekend to unwind with any of the above titles or whatever else piques your interest from Iambik.  As always, the books are $6.99 each and the first chapter of every book they sell is available for listening on their site.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antiquing sales

Duane and Linda and I hit a parking lot sale and a tent sale yesterday being held by two of our favorite vintage stores.  Kaleidoscope was having the tent sale.  Duane found a couple of antique oval wood frames (one still had the original art work in it) and I bought a cool handmade pillow featuring a palm tree print and plastic fringe.  The pillow is for my futon in my home office.  Linda bought a set of two lovely metal and glass tables.  The glass is a beautiful shade of green.  She plans to use them in her redecoration of her guest room.  There were some great deals on so many little tables (I have a weakness for those) but I would have to get rid of something else in order to make room and not crowd any areas.   Too bad.  I usually have to think about something like that for awhile.

Parking lot sale at Yesterdaze.

My pillow and Duane's loot from Kaleidoscope and Yesterdaze.
We headed to Yesterdaze after that for a parking lot sale.  Duane found a book and a set of kitchen vegetable prints.  There's always a lot to see at Yesterdaze so we went into the store, too, as usual.  From antique to vintage, this store has it all -- packed to the rafters.  Not just home decor but vintage/antique clothing including wedding dresses, fur, hats, gloves and tons of jewelry.  Linda spotted a couple of turntables and left a phone message for our buddy, Danny, who has been looking for a turntable.  He doesn't want one in a cabinet, just the turntable, and these were in good working condition with new styluses/needles.  Apparently, the owner has to keep the styluses behind the counter because they have a way of disappearing.  Tsk.

 We stopped by D&D Antiques to look around.  This was the first time we'd visited since the owner moved her store to a larger building.  A really nice store -- well curated and fairly priced.  This is the store where Duane bought her aqua kitchen table.  (See blog entry for July 17, 2011.)  She's still looking for a pair of chairs that are 'just right' for her table.   

After taking a break at Starbucks for some caffeine, Linda had to leave to meet our friend, Barbara, for a football game.  Duane and I went on to another antique store nearby.  (I always forget the name of this place but I'll add it when it comes back to me.)  Beautiful garden statuary at this one. Linda bought her buddha there -- see blog post for Feb. 20th, 2011.  I saw a free-standing turquoise birdbath that was hard to pass up.  Right now, we have one that hangs from an oak tree in our backyard.  George refreshes it each day.  I'd love to replace it with the turquoise one.  Something else I need to think about. Sigh.

By this time, Duane and I were ready for lunch so we headed to Mikey's and we both had my favorite tuna melt with pasta salad.  Yum.  Too bad we're always too full to buy anything from their bakery when we're finished eating.  We made one more stop after this to shop for yarn.  I haven't knitted or crocheted in years but I had been thinking about making something for the project my friend Kate is involved in -- The Humble Stitch Project.  I've already shipped yarn to Kate that I picked up cheaply at estate and yard sales but I hadn't thought of making something myself until I came across a free pattern for a scarf on the 'net last week.  I'll post a pic here if it turns out well enough to send to The Humble Stitch as part of their distribution of warm clothing items for the homeless in South Florida.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Boy

Today is my other half's birthday.  He'll get his favorite French silk pie, presents (some may be late if they don't arrive today) and more presents at Thanksgiving from family we won't see until then.  Of course, our dog Sammy will get a few licks of whip cream or crust from the pie.  He thinks everything is for him. 

Happy Birthday to George, my favorite photographer.  From me to you, Doro Pesch and Warlock with 'Fur Immer.'

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another finished solo in the LibriVox catalog

I finished up my solo of A Yellow Journalist by Miriam Michelson and it's now in the LibriVox catalog.  This is the second book by Miriam Michelson that I've recorded for LV and I've really liked both of them.  The first title was In the Bishop's Carriage.  Here's the summary I wrote for A Yellow Journalist:
"Rhoda Massey is a young, sharp reporter for a daily newspaper in San Francisco. After proving herself an astute and fearless investigator on her first big story, she spends most of her waking hours running down leads and doing (almost) anything it takes to produce headline grabbing tales and to be the first one to do so. She must compete with her male colleagues where she works but also with those from other newspapers. Rhoda discovers it useful to be pretty and small in stature (great for eavesdropping from tight and unusual locations) but it's her shrewd mind and her nose for news that propel her to pursue stories in dangerous places and, sometimes, from dangerous characters. Just how far is she prepared to go as a ‘yellow’ journalist who wants the truth and at what price to her integrity? Then there’s the respected and handsome reporter, Ted Thompson, from a rival newspaper. Will he have a place in Rhoda’s life?"

Give it a listen here or, if you prefer to read it yourself, it's in the public domain and can be read from your monitor or downloaded to just about any type of e-reader from here.

I just began recording my next solo.  This is a book for girls, probably around the age of junior high, called Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot by Stella M. Francis.  This is one of the children's books I came across at a used bookstore that was going out of business.  It hasn't been scanned for online distribution yet but I plan to donate this copy to Project Gutenberg after I finish recording it.  They will then scan and add it to their online collection of free e-books. 

I knew about the Camp-Fire girls organization while growing up but I was never a member.  (I was a Girl Scout, though.)  There was a series of these books written.  I believe LibriVox has at least one of them in their collection.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

More Sci/Fi and Crime from Iambik Audiobooks

Iambik just added three more titles to their collection.  First up is one for the crime collection.  Blackbird Fly by Lise McClendon is narrated by writer Denise Stradling.  Newly widowed Merle Bennett decides to head for France for the summer to renovate the ancestral home.  What she thought would be a few months of sunshine and wine turns into an uncovering of past secrets -- some best left hidden.  "This is a book that . . . one might class as a literary suspense novel. A great deal goes into character growth and change, and McClendon’s obvious love for the French countryside is evident in her description of land and people. If one is looking for a slam-bang action yarn, look elsewhere; BLACKBIRD FLY is a rewarding read for the discerning. -- The

Next up are two new additions to the science fiction/fantasy collection.  Chasing the Dragon by Nicholas Kaufmann is narrated by Alex Foster and features protagonist Georgia Quincey.  At twenty-five years old, she's the last of the line.  The line being that of St. George who, according to legend, supposedly slew a dragon.  The problem is that he didn't and the Dragon still roams the earth.  But Georgia is also an addict, driven to the warm embrace of the needle by the weight of her responsibility and the loss of everything and everyone she has ever loved.  Now, it's up to her to discover the Dragon's secret and keep it from destroying all life on Earth.  "Nicholas Kaufmann is one of my favorites. His books never disappoint, and Chasing the Dragon is no exception. Relentless and unflinching, Chasing the Dragon offers mayhem, meat puppets and one hell of a monster. Highly recommended! –Brian Keene, author of The Rising.
The second sci/fi book is Collapse of the Veil by Alison Lohans and narrated by Arielle Lipshaw.  This is the first book of the Passage through Time series.  Sixteen year old Katie is an unwed mother living with her baby, her hyperactive brother and her own struggling single mother.  One day Katie hops on her bike and flees the house to get away for awhile but, after brushing against an enchanted willow tree, she finds herself experiencing time travel -- to a dying world far in the future.  This will be her future unless she can be the one to help save her two worlds.  "A tenderly urgent journey through time, love, apocalypse and unexpected hope. Readers will emerge with new insights for our world's problems and possibilities." -Sharon Plumb, author of Draco's Child.

These books are now available on Iambik for $6.99 each.  You can use the code november-listening at checkout through November 12, 2011 for a 20% discount on all orders. 

Audiobook reviewers, book bloggers, and Iambik ambassadors may email Miette at for review copies of any title.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Another estate sale, disappearing stores, and an under-the-sea party

The end of a busy weekend tonight.  Started early Friday morning when Duane and I hit an estate sale in a lovely old home in Hyde Park.  An older section of town where you could see the bay from the street this house sits on.  The inside of the house reminded me quite a bit of the one my family lived in in Texas.  Bright and airy inside with wood floors, lots of windows and a staircase that had a nice window on the landing between floors.  De ja vu.

Duane's haul.
Lots of lovely antiques and tons of books mostly shelved in built-in cases all over the downstairs area.  Duane found a few books and a great buy on a Blarney's sweater made of thick Irish wool.  I found a nifty bust of Bach and a Washington Redskins Super Bowl mug.  Although the Redskins are George's hometown team, my sister, Heidi, and her husband, Charlie, are season ticket holders.  I picked up the mug for Charlie since the Redskins have had a pretty rough time of it in recent years.  Maybe the mug will cheer him up!   

We hit a couple of other sales after his one and I bought a couple of
pin/tip trays (one King Tut themed and the other a Vogue cover) along with an old rosary and a number of saint's medals.  My friend, Barbara, and her daughter, Margaret, are interested in saint's medals (Margaret has her's on a bracelet) so I let them know what I found.  I also got lucky at 2 of the sales and finally came across skeins of yarn.  My cyber-buddy, Kate, is the organizer for a group called The Humble Stitch Project.  The members knit and/or crochet items to benefit South Florida's homeless in cooperation with Miami Rescue Mission/Broward Outreach.  You can find out more about this organization here.  I'm mailing the bag of yarn to Kate this week. 

After we stopped at Starbucks for our usual refreshment, we headed to one of our favorite stores, Kaleidoscope, to browse.  I had been eyeing a mid-century coffee table for some time and kept trying to figure out where I could put it in my house when I realized that it would look great in my home office.   Luckily,  the table was still there and I am now the official owner.  Very happy.  The picture I took was before I 'decorated' the table with a few items. 

Luckily, we noticed that the tile top tables that our friend, Linda, has been interested in purchasing are still in the store.  Linda and I plan to head to Kaleidoscope next Saturday when the area where Duane lives will be
having a community-wide yard sale.

Duane will be participating in the sale at her home but Linda and I will, of course, be shoppers.  We'll definitely have better luck than the three of us did on Saturday when we decided to explore some stores in the Lutz area.  Lutz is a small bedroom community, some of it still rural, outside Tampa.  There was one store in particular that we wanted to check out after seeing an article about it in the newspaper.  I searched the net the night before to find some other places to visit, too.  Good thing I did because the store we wanted to see was closed, despite the hours listed as 9am to 4pm on Saturdays.  Not sure it's going to be open much longer if that happens very often.  It's a niche type of business, anyway, and you can't sell anything if you aren't open.  Hellloooo!!!!

After we passed a few of the places I had typed up for us to check and noticed that, ahem, they were vacant, we decided that I would start calling some of these places on my cell.  A wise decision because only two of the ones listed were still in business.  I kept hearing "this number is no longer in service, etc." along with one number where the lady seemed a tad annoyed when I asked if this was the store for that number.  "They went out of business!"  Oooh, maybe she was the original owner and was bummed because now she gets potential customers after it's too late.  We kind of enjoyed that call.  These people really should make an effort to remove their listings from online.  Seriously.

We still had a great time, though.  We discovered some places we hadn't known about and even bought a few things.  Then we stopped for lunch at a terrific Mexican place and had a big booth to ourselves so that we could gab privately.  A nice day after all.

Then, today, I attended the birthday party of my niece, Ava, who turned 5.  Great party -- the theme was 'under the sea' and no one gives a party like my sister, Carol.  Coral centerpieces made of sugar, a backdrop for the little girls to have their pictures taken as mermaids, a game called 'Ava's Fishing Hole' where everyone fished for a prize package, and a game of Limbo.  Carol does nothing in half-measures and she does it all herself.  The fish and starfish shaped sandwiches, the mermaid cake, the starfish shaped s'mores, etc.  The kids had a great time and Ava had a wonderful birthday.

Part of the food table.

Mermaid cake and cupcakes.

Sugar coral and candy corn.

Ava's Fishing Hole.

Everybody limbo!

The birthday girl as a mermaid.

Enough shopping and sugar for me!  It's back to work finishing up my editing on my latest LibriVox project before I begin the next one.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Two new crime releases from Iambik Audiobooks

Iambik just added two new crime books to their steadily growing collection.
First up is The Stone Gallows by C. David Ingram.  Narrated by our very own Mark F. Smith.  From Eurocrime: "In this first book by C David Ingram, we have a new detective who can operate outside the constraints the police force need to observe. Ingram has said in interviews and in the acknowledgements that he is writing further stories featuring Cameron Stone. This great first book makes me want to read the next installment – Ingram having promised some interesting times ahead for Cameron Stone."

The second release is Wild Turkey by Michael Hemmingson.  This one is narrated by the multi-talented Robert Keiper.  How can you resist a book with this kind of opening?   "I recall this particular married woman I'd had a short fling with when I was in my mid-twenties."  According to American Book Review:  ""Within Hemmingson's fiction is an oddly twisted brand of sin and redemption. His characters are over-whelmed by their sins and bring out justice upon themselves, or other characters enact the karma for them."

Both books are available now at Iambik for $6.99 each.  As always, the entire first chapter of each book is available for listening. 

Discount time!  
Enter the code november-listening at checkout through November 12, 2011 for a 20% discount on all orders.