Monday, November 14, 2011

Another finished solo in the LibriVox catalog

I finished up my solo of A Yellow Journalist by Miriam Michelson and it's now in the LibriVox catalog.  This is the second book by Miriam Michelson that I've recorded for LV and I've really liked both of them.  The first title was In the Bishop's Carriage.  Here's the summary I wrote for A Yellow Journalist:
"Rhoda Massey is a young, sharp reporter for a daily newspaper in San Francisco. After proving herself an astute and fearless investigator on her first big story, she spends most of her waking hours running down leads and doing (almost) anything it takes to produce headline grabbing tales and to be the first one to do so. She must compete with her male colleagues where she works but also with those from other newspapers. Rhoda discovers it useful to be pretty and small in stature (great for eavesdropping from tight and unusual locations) but it's her shrewd mind and her nose for news that propel her to pursue stories in dangerous places and, sometimes, from dangerous characters. Just how far is she prepared to go as a ‘yellow’ journalist who wants the truth and at what price to her integrity? Then there’s the respected and handsome reporter, Ted Thompson, from a rival newspaper. Will he have a place in Rhoda’s life?"

Give it a listen here or, if you prefer to read it yourself, it's in the public domain and can be read from your monitor or downloaded to just about any type of e-reader from here.

I just began recording my next solo.  This is a book for girls, probably around the age of junior high, called Camp-Fire Girls in the Country or The Secret Aunt Hannah Forgot by Stella M. Francis.  This is one of the children's books I came across at a used bookstore that was going out of business.  It hasn't been scanned for online distribution yet but I plan to donate this copy to Project Gutenberg after I finish recording it.  They will then scan and add it to their online collection of free e-books. 

I knew about the Camp-Fire girls organization while growing up but I was never a member.  (I was a Girl Scout, though.)  There was a series of these books written.  I believe LibriVox has at least one of them in their collection.

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