Sunday, November 20, 2011

Antiquing sales

Duane and Linda and I hit a parking lot sale and a tent sale yesterday being held by two of our favorite vintage stores.  Kaleidoscope was having the tent sale.  Duane found a couple of antique oval wood frames (one still had the original art work in it) and I bought a cool handmade pillow featuring a palm tree print and plastic fringe.  The pillow is for my futon in my home office.  Linda bought a set of two lovely metal and glass tables.  The glass is a beautiful shade of green.  She plans to use them in her redecoration of her guest room.  There were some great deals on so many little tables (I have a weakness for those) but I would have to get rid of something else in order to make room and not crowd any areas.   Too bad.  I usually have to think about something like that for awhile.

Parking lot sale at Yesterdaze.

My pillow and Duane's loot from Kaleidoscope and Yesterdaze.
We headed to Yesterdaze after that for a parking lot sale.  Duane found a book and a set of kitchen vegetable prints.  There's always a lot to see at Yesterdaze so we went into the store, too, as usual.  From antique to vintage, this store has it all -- packed to the rafters.  Not just home decor but vintage/antique clothing including wedding dresses, fur, hats, gloves and tons of jewelry.  Linda spotted a couple of turntables and left a phone message for our buddy, Danny, who has been looking for a turntable.  He doesn't want one in a cabinet, just the turntable, and these were in good working condition with new styluses/needles.  Apparently, the owner has to keep the styluses behind the counter because they have a way of disappearing.  Tsk.

 We stopped by D&D Antiques to look around.  This was the first time we'd visited since the owner moved her store to a larger building.  A really nice store -- well curated and fairly priced.  This is the store where Duane bought her aqua kitchen table.  (See blog entry for July 17, 2011.)  She's still looking for a pair of chairs that are 'just right' for her table.   

After taking a break at Starbucks for some caffeine, Linda had to leave to meet our friend, Barbara, for a football game.  Duane and I went on to another antique store nearby.  (I always forget the name of this place but I'll add it when it comes back to me.)  Beautiful garden statuary at this one. Linda bought her buddha there -- see blog post for Feb. 20th, 2011.  I saw a free-standing turquoise birdbath that was hard to pass up.  Right now, we have one that hangs from an oak tree in our backyard.  George refreshes it each day.  I'd love to replace it with the turquoise one.  Something else I need to think about. Sigh.

By this time, Duane and I were ready for lunch so we headed to Mikey's and we both had my favorite tuna melt with pasta salad.  Yum.  Too bad we're always too full to buy anything from their bakery when we're finished eating.  We made one more stop after this to shop for yarn.  I haven't knitted or crocheted in years but I had been thinking about making something for the project my friend Kate is involved in -- The Humble Stitch Project.  I've already shipped yarn to Kate that I picked up cheaply at estate and yard sales but I hadn't thought of making something myself until I came across a free pattern for a scarf on the 'net last week.  I'll post a pic here if it turns out well enough to send to The Humble Stitch as part of their distribution of warm clothing items for the homeless in South Florida.


  1. 'Twas indeed another great shopping expedition. Shopping, food, and fun--can't beat the combination. I have pictures that match the little tables--I'm starting to find my theme for the room. Babs and I had fun at the football game, even though USF lost and I didn't know what was going on most of the time. Mostly I'd see a bunch of guys on the ground and assumed the football was underneath them. Then we bought some wine and went home. A full day.

  2. And I love Jon Stewart. You're right, he has it all.

  3. I'm sure the wine helped. :P

    Babs MUST go with us the next time we visit Yesterdaze and Kaleidoscope. With all of the clothing, furs (yes, fur, Babs), and jewelry Yesterdaze has, I know she'd find something.

    BTW, Kaleidoscope had my consignment rug out for sale. It looks great the way the decorator used it. She built a living room around it. :)

  4. I told Babs about the two stores. I think she's excited. Yesterdaze is really her kind of place.

    That's great about your rug--is it on the Kaleidoscope website or Facebook?

  5. I haven't checked either of those places. When Duane and I went back after we dropped you off, the decorator told me it was out on the floor inside. She did a great job. :)

  6. I didn't see it online, but I'm glad you saw it in person.