Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tintypes, Art, and The King

To finish off 2016, I thought I'd put up some interesting pics of various people.

When my nephew, Jeff, brought his tintype equipment here again in November, he took another pic of me (see this post) and also made them of Duane and Linda.  Since they were both giving their tintypes as Christmas gifts, we didn't want to spoil anything by posting them here.  However... ta-da!  I can now safely post them.  Duane's is cool because it makes her dark hair look silver.

Linda's came out really nice, too.  Her hair looks much darker than it is in person and her skin looks even fairer.  Linda scanned hers into her computer before she gave the actual tintype to her mom for Christmas.  Unfortunately (the little stinker), she thought she should crop her scan before sending it to me for this post.  I told her that I'll be expecting her to re-scan the entire pic when she sees her mom in Michigan.  I'll replace her cropped one with the entire pic then.

Linda (pic has been cropped)
I love the way that you never know how the lighting is going to come out when Jeff takes these tintypes.  It always makes it interesting.

The next 'person' I'm posting is actually from a piece of art that Duane created and gave me for Christmas.  She knows that I absolutely love Iris Apfel.  If you've never heard of her, she's quite a character.  There's a documentary about her called "Iris" that was made by Albert Maysles not too long before he died.  Albert and his brother David are probably best known for their documentary "Grey Gardens" about Jacqueline Kennedy's aunt and cousin.  I love their work.  Anyway, after I raved about "Iris" and loaned the film to Duane and then to Linda, Duane decided to paint Iris.  I love the result.  I have her hanging over my desk in my home office.

"Iris" by Duane
Iris is well into her 90s and has the most amazing attitude.  She's also quite the fashionista and interviews with her are great fun.

Last, but not least, I came across an old grainy snapshot of one of my aunts when she dated Elvis Presley.  This was before she met my uncle.  (Heh, heh...)  This was taken on the set of one of his movies.  Notice that he either hadn't begun dying his hair that blue/black color yet or he was using his natural color for this movie.  My aunt remains a fan to this day and has fond memories.

My aunt and The King
Well, it's back to work for me.  I didn't realize that my workload was going to be so heavy during the holidays or I would have planned things a little differently.  Here's hoping the new year allows me some breathing room!

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New full cast play available on Audible from The Online Stage!

My latest role for The Online Stage has gone live on Audible.  A short drama from Mike Murphy called The Return of Cosmo Draper.  I play the 'wife' in this one.  Once again, lots of fun to participate in one of Mike's radio plays.

Dreaming of days of yore, Tim Porter organizes the return of Cosmo Draper, the town's favorite mayor. Only trouble is, Cosmo's been dead for years, right?

Old Porter - Noel Badrian
Carr - Bob Neufeld
Porter - Jeff Moon
Wife - Lee Ann Howlett
Husband - Joseph Tabler
Bob - David Prickett
Jed - Marty Kris
Shannon Wolfe - P J Morgan
Clemens - Tovarisch

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

To listen to a sample and/or purchase, check it out on Audible here