Thursday, January 30, 2020

New Audiobook on Audible for Baby Boomers!

Well, yes, actually this book is kind of aimed at Baby Boomers.  I'm a boomer, too, so I figure it's OK to say this. 😎  Without further ado, With a Little Help from Our Friends: Creating Community as We Grow Older by Beth Baker is now live on Audible.

"In this book, an award-winning journalist tells the story of people devising innovative ways to live as they approach retirement, options that ensure they are surrounded by a circle of friends, family, and neighbors. Based on visits and interviews at many communities around the country, Beth Baker weaves a rich tapestry of grassroots alternatives, some of them surprisingly affordable: a mobile home cooperative in small-town Oregon, a senior artists colony in Los Angeles, neighbors helping neighbors in "villages" or "naturally occurring retirement communities," intentional co-housing communities, best friends moving in together, multi-generational families that balance togetherness and privacy, and niche communities including such diverse groups as retired postal workers, gays and lesbians, and Zen Buddhists, Drawing on new research showing the importance of social support to healthy aging and the risks associated with loneliness and isolation, the author encourages the reader to plan for a future with strong connections. Baker explores whether individuals in declining health can really stay rooted in their communities through the end of life and concludes by examining the challenge of expanding the home-care workforce and the potential of new technologies like webcams and assistive robots.

"The audience for this must-read book is baby boomers - and everyone else." (Library Journal)

"A well-informed, thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful analysis of why all of us should not be afraid to look forward into our future..." (PsycCRITIQUES, American Psychological Association)

"Every Baby Boomer who wants to 'age in place' should read this book. So should their children." (Howard Gleckman, author of Caring for Our Parents, resident fellow, the Urban Institute)"

Lots to think about from this one!  To listen to the sample and/or purchase the book, head to Audible here.