Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A new audiobook out and my finalist medal for the 2018 ABR Listener Awards

My latest recording went on sale on Audible today.  A Special Kind of Evil: The Colonial Parkway Serial Killings by Blaine L. Pardoe and Victoria R. Hester is in the true crime genre from WildBlue Press.

"For four years a killer, or killers, stalked Virginia’s Tidewater region, carefully selecting victims, sending waves of terror into the local community.

The Colonial Parkway Murders - the name given eight murders that took place in the Tidewater region in the late 1980s, two of which were on the historic Colonial Parkway, the nation’s narrowest National Park. Young people in the prime of their lives were the targets. But the pattern that stitched this special kind of evil together was more like a spider web of theory, intrigue, and mathematics. Then, mysteriously, the killing spree stopped. The nameless predator, or predators, who stalked the Colonial Parkway stepped back into the mists of time and disappeared.

Now, father-daughter true crime authors Blaine Pardoe and Victoria Hester blow the dust off of these cases. Interviewing members of the families, friends, and members of law enforcement, they provide the first and most complete in-depth look at this string of horrific murders and disappearances. The author-investigators peel back the rumors and myths surrounding these crimes and provide new information never before revealed about the investigations."

To listen to the sample and/or purchase the book, head to Audible here.

In other news, I received my finalist medallion for the 2018 Audiobook Listener awards from Audiobook Reviewer this week.  My recording of Black Cloud: The Deadly Hurricane of 1928 by Eliot Kleinberg made the cut in the history category.  

You can listen to a sample of my book here.

The winners in all categories will be announced at the Hear Now Festival to be held in Kansas City, MO from June  7-10, 2018.
Good luck to all of the finalists!