Thursday, November 24, 2011

Iambik releases 2 new audiobooks and their 3rd crime collection

Iambik Audiobooks released 2 new books to start off the Thanksgiving weekend along with their third crime collection.  The new releases include Endogamy Blues by Mark Shainblum and narrated by the popular and versatile Elizabeth Klett.  This one is science fiction -- "The neo-fascist armies of the Liberator have swept across the Americas like a plague. Montreal is in flames, and the front is less than a kilometre away.
Seventeen year-old Joanie Morgernstern can expect no mercy from the victors. As a Canadian soldier, an Augmented Human and a Jew, she is a blood enemy to the Liberator three times over, fit only for “purification.” Michael Cross, 16, a technician in the Army of the Iroquois Six Nations, is on the same hitlist. He expects nothing from the next few hours except death.
Instead, he finds Joanie."

This from one critic:  “Mark Shainblum does military SF intelligently and gracefully in 'Endogamy Blues.'” -- Paul Di Filippo, Asimov’s Science Fiction."

Next up is a classic of literary fiction.  The Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy narrated by the lilting voice of Tadhg Hynes.  This is one of Hardy's most popular novels.

"With its deeply flawed heroine and its (for the time) open acknowledgement of illicit sexual relationships, The Return of the Native raised some eyebrows when it first appeared as a serial in Victorian Britain."  - Wikipedia

And, lastly, Iambik released "Crime Collection No.3" which includes five titles: One O'clock Jump by Lise McClendon, Sweet and Lowdown by Lise McClendon, The Stone Gallows by C. D. Ingram, Wild Turkey by Micheal Hemmingson and Blackbird Fly by Lise McClendon.
These books normally cost $6.99 each but Iambik is offering the collection of all five titles for $24.99.

Take some time during this holiday weekend to unwind with any of the above titles or whatever else piques your interest from Iambik.  As always, the books are $6.99 each and the first chapter of every book they sell is available for listening on their site.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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