Saturday, September 27, 2014

Friday Estate Sale of a 20th Century Fox Executive Director

Well, that's how the estate sale Duane and I visited yesterday was advertised.  We don't know what this person directed or when he died but he left a lot of nice stuff.  Linda was out of town visiting her mom (Hi, Jessie!) so it was just Duane and I making the trip to the south side of town.  There had been over 450 pictures listed with this estate sale so we had a very good idea of what to expect.  Unfortunately, we arrived a 1/2 hour after it had started which was completely my fault.  I headed to Duane's house at the usual time I leave for these sales but the traffic was especially bad for some reason.  I'm going to have to allow more time for my commute for some of these Friday sales.

Even with being a half hour late, this was definitely worth the trip.  Lots of art, small ceramics and silver.  If you were looking for quality furniture, the house was loaded with Ethan Allen pieces.

I noticed that the owner seemed to like more of a midcentury look when it came to dinnerware.  Also lots of nice Asian ceramics.  We've been to other sales held by this estate sale company and they're really nice people.  They price items reasonably and are also willing to haggle.

I would have loved a chance at that small red and white ceramic piece sitting on the cabinet in the pic above but it was gone.  Too bad for me -- you snooze, you lose.

Nice rugs of various styles but all of good quality were available.  Also a number of newer Tiffany lamps.

Much of the art consisted of museum shop pieces that were the 'brushstroke' type and nicely framed.  Not my thing but great for someone wanting a copy of a masterpiece.

Of  course, we didn't leave empty-handed.  There were a LOT of DVDs.  Perks of the jobs, maybe?  I bought three along with a little Dansk vase that caught my eye.  It's signed by the designer Kathleen Wills.  Duane bought a very nice silk knitted sweater and a paper cutter.

Our purchases.

We headed for coffee and a treat afterwards and discussed what we missed by being late.  Heh, heh, heh.


  1. Looks like a fun sale, even if you were a few minutes late.

    1. It was, Dana! Would have been nice to be one of the first through the door, though. :)