Saturday, October 11, 2014

Recording update

I have two books in post-production that should be available for sale on Audible within the next few weeks.  One is literary fiction --  Dust by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius and Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius.  I'm very happy that I narrated this book and hope more book-lovers will become aware of it due to my recording.  It's in the vein of American classics such as John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath.

The second book is another classic short children's book. This one is a good one for the holidays for very young readers.  It's called Pumpkin Pie ABC Book and was produced by the McLoughlin Bros. publishing company.  Written in short rhymes, it takes the reader through the alphabet as everyone gathers around the holiday table before being allowed to have a slice of pumpkin pie.  A good one not only for beginning readers but also for listening for children who haven't quite begun to master the printed word.

Next up is a classic short story in the horror vein by Arthur Machen.  The Novel of the White Powder was suggested by my publisher and I'm glad I decided to record it.  Although I had heard of him, I wasn't familiar with Machen's work until now.  He's another writer who wrote stories and novellas considered to be 'weird' fiction along with Algernon Blackwood.  (I recorded Blackwood's story The Woman's Ghost Story available here.)  I'll post more here when the Machen story is closer to publication.

On a very different note, I plan to record a classic children's Christmas story which I'll post more about later, too.  It will be out in plenty of time for Christmas.  This brings me to my news that two of my closest friends, Duane and Linda, will be collaborating with me on a project that will eventually end up as a book narration.  Linda has been my official proof-listener for some time now but Duane (other than listening to and/or reading books I've narrated) will be joining us for an upcoming project.  I've chosen a children's book that I plan to publish myself.  The book is in the public domain so I will be making some slight revisions and Duane will be providing new illustrations for our new edition.  After we have the Kindle version up, I plan to record the book and have it linked from Audible to Amazon in their Whispersync program.  Duane has been busy with preliminary sketches and I'm looking at what I'd like to do in terms of character voices, etc.

We're all excited about this project since Duane is an artist and it will be nice to have some of her work out there for children to enjoy along with a great story.  Here's a peek at two paintings that I own that Duane gave me as gifts.  The first is painted on wood and the second is on canvas.  Enjoy!



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