Thursday, August 25, 2011

News from the Virginia earthquake

I have a  number of relatives and friends who live and work in Virginia and D.C. so, of course, I was anxious to hear from them after the earthquake on Tuesday.  My sister, Heidi, works in McLean where her building was evacuated and closed which left everyone trying to get out of the parking garage at the same time.  Hmmm...  Needless to say, she and Charlie both had long and very slow drives home.  Heidi finally managed to worm her way to pick up their girls from school.

However, today, she sent me these pictures. 
She works on the 6th floor of her building
but she and her dept. were overdue to be
moved to the 9th floor.  As she stated in her
email with these pics, "We were scheduled to 
move to the 9th floor on Monday but Facilities wasn’t done with the renovations. This is the area my group 
would have been sitting in. I guess it’s a good thing 
Facilities is slow . . ."     

For a more hair-raising account of the quake from a good friend of my friend, Babs, read 'Emma's' account of her experience while she was at home in Richmond here on Bab's blog.  Needless to say, we're all glad that 'Emma' and everyone else I've had contact with are a little shaken (no pun intended) but, except for some broken items, they're fine.


  1. Shaken not stirred, that's how we roll Claire. Bring on the next disaster... (as I sit quaffing in the comfortable confines of my air cooled town home).

  2. Yes, and as we sit pretty much safely out of Irene's path... :P