Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More new releases from Iambik

This week Iambik Audiobooks presents three new titles in the genres of literary fiction, science fiction and a book for children.  Fight For Your Long Day by Alex Kudera, narrated by Mark F. Smith is our latest lit/fic offering.

Unwelcome Bodies by Jennifer Pelland, narrated by Linette Geisel is the newest addition to our Science Fiction/Fantasy collection.

The third book was written for children and is called How To Do Nothing With Nobody All Alone By Yourself by Robert Paul Smith and narrated by Justin S. Barrett.  I served as the proof-listener on this one and parts of it were definitely a trip down memory lane.  The book was originally published in the late 1950's but many of the activities the author described were things I did as a kid growing up in the '60's and '70's.  Robert Paul Smith made every single toy/activity himself along with some help from his two young sons.  His wife, Elinor Goulding Smith, drew sketches of each project during the 'making of' and the finished product. 

Iambik has included a PDF file of all of the illustrations and they are downloadable with the book.  Each sketch is numbered to match up with whatever section of the book is being heard.  Among the 'toys' Smith teaches the reader to create are handkerchief parachutes (I did this as a kid using a plastic hamburger bun bag), boomerangs, bows, arrows, slingshots, musical instruments, peach pit carvings and more.

The narrator, Justin S. Barrett, did a terrific job voicing this book.  He also found an interesting site with a video of the author where he was interviewed by Edward R. Murrow.  The site is pretty cool and includes a section called 'from the readers' where people have uploaded videos of themselves or children having made some of the items in the book.  You can check the site out here.  A really fun book and one I'd recommend for kids or for those who are still 'kids' at heart.

Remember, these books are unabridged and are available for $6.99 each at Iambik.  I believe that the code "rulebreaker" will still allow you take 25% off the your purchase(s).


  1. Thanks for the mention! I had a ton of fun narrating "How to Do Nothing." The author's writing style is really fun, and made it easy to get into the flow of the text. I hope that people enjoy listening to it!

  2. I think they will, Justin! I really was amazed at how many things this guy knew how to make. :)