Saturday, August 27, 2011

LibriVox update

I just finished up the solo recording I've been working on for LibriVox called The Mystery of Mary by Grace Livingston Hill.  I really enjoyed this little mystery.  Actually, it's a mystery and a romance rolled into one so it's more of  'two-fer'.  Here's the introduction I wrote for LibriVox:

Handsome young Tryon Dunham has just returned home on the train from a business trip one evening when he’s accosted by a beautiful young woman at the station. She’s terrified that she’s being followed and asks Dunham if she may walk with him away from the station. Her manner and appearance are those of a well-dressed and well-bred lady. However, she refuses to tell Tryon her real name or why she is running away. He feels a responsibility for her and arranges for her to accompany him to a dinner party where she delights everyone there with her exceptional musical talent at the piano. Tryon then assists her in leaving the city on a later train that same night. Captivated by her beauty and talent, he is determined to solve the mystery of her identity. What frightened her so badly that she would leave wearing only the clothes on her back and no money? Is she an adventuress or thief masquerading as a lady in distress? A beautiful lunatic who has escaped an asylum? An heiress who has been declared missing? Tryon will not stop searching until he knows the answer.

If you find that intriguing, you can listen to the book here.

Today I began working on my next solo for LibriVox.  I decided to read another children's book since I hadn't read one for awhile.  I chose Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier by Frances Trego Montgomery.  I recorded the first two chapters today but I have to edit them before uploading them for the proof listener.  I think this is going to be a fun read.  After owning two terrier mix dogs, I can attest to some of the 'adventures' they like to get themselves into.  Adults who listen to this with children may find themselves enjoying it, too.  Here's the link for the text of the book along with adorable illustrations.  This book was originally published in 1917 but the story, told from the point of view of Zip, has held up well over time.


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