Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Iambik releases two new YA and one new SciFi title today

As I reported in my last post, Iambik Audiobooks has begun releasing books sooner in smaller quantities as they become available.  We will still continue to offer great deals on specific genre groupings but here are today's new titles.  In the science fiction category, Defining Diana by Hayden Trenholm is out for you hardcore sci-fi buffs.

In the category of young adult, we're introducing two new titles.  The Mitochondrial Curiosities of Marcels 1-19 by Jocelyn Brown and You Can't Get There From Here by Mary Anderson. 

These books are $6.99 each and are available in two formats.  MP3 for any media player or M4b for iTunes/iPods/iPads/iPhones.

Remember, you can still use the code “rulebreaker” at checkout for an additional 25% off your purchase.  

So, get 'em while they're hot!  This discount is for the summer only!

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