Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tweaked my finger-knitted wall hanging. Status -- much better!

I'm sure that you know the old saying about "from the mouths of babes"?  Well, the one thing I was really not happy about, when I wove my finger-knitting from excess yarn into a wall hanging using the talented Anne Weil's blog instructions on Flax & Twine, was the thick piece of bulky black yarn that I had added to the mix simply because it was part of my leftover yarn.  I couldn't get the yarn pushed up far enough on the warp strands to cover the actual strands where the black bulky yarn was used.  I had (sort of) convinced myself to just live with it since it's just in my home office and it was my first time, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Yesterday was the first day of the week-long visit of my sister and her little daughters.  My nieces are now 7 and 5 and the 7 year old loves to finger-knit.  Well, the first words out of her mouth when I showed her and her sister my wall-hanging was, "the black looks kind of funny."  Egads.  Children can be so cruel!  (Heh, heh, heh.)  So I explained what happened but when I was thinking about it late last night I decided to see if I could 'fix' it today.  I snipped out the thick black yarn and finger-knitted some hot pink that I had in my left-over stash.  I'm so glad I did this and I can't wait for my niece to see it tomorrow!  I'm much happier with the result and I no longer have those white bits of the warp showing up in one section of wall hanging.  Here's my before and after pics:

Before -- with the thick black yarn.

After -- no more white warp showing!

Here are before and after close-ups:

Before removing the black yarn.

After replacing the thick black with hot pink.

I learned a lot from this project about finger-knitting and weaving and I'm hoping to make a more serious wall hanging for my guest room using specific colors.  Now my nieces, particularly the 7 year old, wanted to get started right away on a wall hanging using the hula hoops she immediately spotted in my office.  I promised her that if she continues to finger-knit sections, the next time I visit her in Virginia, we'll see what we can do!  


  1. Love the difference the hot pink makes!

    1. Thanks, Dana! That black with the warp showing was driving me crazy every time I looked up from my desk. :D Live and learn!