Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Three Estate Sale Friday

First sale.  Cool terrazzo floors.
Friday morning, Linda, Duane, and I set out early to hit three different estate sales.  The good part was that they were all real estate sales and not garage or yard sales.  The bad part was that it looked like  someone had drawn a triangle across the city and our sales were represented by each point on the triangle.  Yes, they couldn't have been farther apart and they all started at the same time.  Sigh.  It happens, so we try to make the best of it.  We decided to hit the one in the south part of town first because it was in the oldest house. 

It was a cool mid-century house with pretty terrazzo floors.  The house wasn't very big but the lot was huge and there was a big kidney shaped swimming pool, a workshop, and a gazebo in the backyard.  I was the only one who bought something at this one -- a DVD.  The owner had great taste in movies but I had already seen or owned most of them.

Second house sale.
Our second stop was more to the west part of town.  This was in a much newer house and the owner had a lot of really nice things.  I bought another movie (big surprise!) and was really interested in an abstract painting but I couldn't make up my mind that quickly on a $200 purchase.  Linda bought (of all things) a brand new garbage can.  It was pretty funny loading it into Mrs. Peel but we got it to fit and still leave room for the three of us.  Duane bought a large pet bed cushion.

Then we hit the last of the three sales which was much further to the northwest of town.  It was being held in a really nice retirement/assisted living type of place.  I had been to a couple of sales there before but decided that it wasn't a great place for them because people looked like they had already downsized before moving in.  However, the person or persons who had lived there had great taste in movies and books.  Duane and Linda both bought books.  I bought another DVD.  Once again, I had already seen most of what they had but we certainly shared the same taste!

This house also had a beautiful wood chest made by Lane.  I'd love one of these if I had a place to put it.  Our buddy David currently has a gorgeous one in his store, A Modern Line, and I've drooled over it the last couple of visits. 
Pretty mid-century modern chest.
We know that we missed quite a bit at the second two sales because we literally arrived an hour after the start of the second sale and between 90 minutes to an hour after the start of the third and last sale.  Still, we did all manage to find something and drool over some things we couldn't afford.

Books and movies.
Linda's new trash can and Duane's pet cushion.

We made our way back to a Panera's to get a snack and stretch our legs.  Honestly we were in the car longer than we were at the sales.  Maybe next time the estate sale gods will be in our corner.

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