Monday, July 21, 2014

Trip to Ikea; New audiobook coming out; Family coming to town

Mrs. Peel -- loaded down.
Whenever Duane, Linda, and I decide to make a trip to Ikea we always try to go a on a week day.  We did that last Friday.  We went in the afternoon just after lunch time.  Usually Ikea is pretty empty during the week at that time.  Surprise!  We forgot that the kids are out of school for the summer.  The store was crawling with kids and a lot of them really did not want to be there.  I heard one man telling his young daughter enthusiastically, "People spend all day here!"  Boy, did that poor kid look unimpressed.  Message to ourselves -- summer is not a good time to shop there.  This wasn't just stay at home moms who dragged their poor kids there but couples were there, too.  I don't know if they were just taking the day off or were on vacation.  My sympathies (after the one for ourselves for having to dodge children every way we turned) were with the kids who were forced to go along with their parent or parents.  If they're really young, you can probably entertain them in the kiddy area but the older kids were out of luck.  Anyway, we all got what we planned to buy along with a bit extra and managed to fit all of it into Mrs. Peel.  YES!  She rules.  You can't tell from this pic but there was a Poang chair and cushion, 2 floor lamps, a large rolling clothes rack and too many small items to mention.  We just needed to make sure that there was still room for the three of us to make it back to Duane's house where the goods were divvied up before Linda and I headed to our respective homes. 

I spent the weekend and most of today putting the finishing touches on my next audiobook.  I just sent it off to the publisher.  This is the book I produced from public domain material that I titled Selected Articles on the Life and Career of Harry Gordon Selfridge by various authors.  Here's a peek at the cover.  It should be available on Audible within 2 weeks.  I'll post here when it goes on sale.

The other news is that my youngest sister Heidi and her husband and two daughters will be flying down this Wednesday from Virginia.  Heidi and the girls will be here for a week.  Her husband, Charlie, will be coming down separately for the weekend.  Can't wait to spend time with two of my favorite little people.  I'll be pooped afterwards but it's always worth it.  


  1. I did an IKEA cheat. My daughter and SIL were going there yesterday, so I sent a list and stayed home. :)

    1. Lucky you! I only go about 2-3 times per year since it's on the other side of town but I always have a list. :)