Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recording update

My latest audiobook just debuted on Audible  --  Sanctuary by Edith Wharton.

Young bride-to-be Kate Orme discovers something disturbing about the character of the man she is to marry shortly before the wedding. Years later, after raising their son, Kate realizes that he, too, is now faced with a decision that will reflect upon his ethics and scruples. Will all the time she spent instilling values into her son be enough to keep him from behaving as his father would?  Edith Wharton addresses that age-old question of nature vs. nurture.

The book can be purchased from Audible here.  

Next up is a science fiction short story called Invisible Death by Anthony Pelcher.  This recording is now in post-production and should be available shortly.  Here's a summary:  Darius Darrow, a brilliant scientist and inventor, died suddenly and violently in his home laboratory while his chemist wife, Susan, was nearby.  No one was  seen entering or leaving the home during the crime.  The
perpetrator stole Darrow's latest invention while committing the murder.  The police and the head of the company who paid royalties on some of Darrow's patents begin the search for his killer.  Death threats in the form of letters sent to the company head begin arriving after the murder demanding money or there will be more killings.   What had Darrow invented that someone would want badly enough to kill him for it?

I'll post here and on my website when this story goes on sale.

I've just started recording the first book in a cozy mystery genre called  The Red Shoelace Killer by Susan Sundwall.  It's the first in the Minnie Markwood series.  Terrific characters in this book, particularly Minnie.

I'll have more on this book later as recording progresses.   Gotta get back to my booth...

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