Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amigurumi for Valentine's Day and more recordings in the works

Kissy-Lips on a Stick
I've decided that any time I'm going to knit or crochet items for my three young nieces for a holiday, I should allow myself plenty of time even if that means the items are ready well before the date they're needed.  This is my 'less stress' method of doing something fun for the girls without getting into a frazzle.  So for Valentine's Day this year, I crocheted these Amigurumi Lips and put them on lolli-pop sticks.  There are only two pictured because I'm just finishing up the third one.  Just need to sew the top and bottom lips together on the ends and then mount it on the stick.  These turned out better than I thought they would.  I was concerned at first that they wouldn't look enough like lips but they have that exaggerated 'luscious' look.  I'm calling these 'Kissy-Lips on a Stick' and I'll be including Valentine's Day M&Ms with them for each of my nieces.  The pattern is available here.  It's posted in English and Spanish.  So nice of the crafter to share this with everyone.

Amigurumi Lips -- up close and personal

I'm already looking towards what I'll make for them for Easter.  So many cute Amigurumi and knit patterns for Easter eggs, bunnies, etc.   Last year I made the girls Easter chicks and bunnies the year before that.  Both were Amigurumi crochet patterns so I might look at something to knit for them this year.

On the recording front, I just finished the Edith Wharton novella, Sanctuary.  It's now in post-production and should be available in a couple of weeks.  I'll post here and on my website ( when it's for sale on Audible.  In the mean time, I'm working on a short story that's a little different for me.  It's a sci-fi tale originally published in 1930.  Check back here for more info on this and other recordings.  Now, on to looking through Easter patterns...

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