Sunday, January 5, 2014

New recordings in the works for the New Year!

I've started recording again and now have a short story, The Fulness of Life, by Edith Wharton in post production.  It should be for sale on Audible in a few weeks.  Continuing with more Edith Wharton, I've just begun recording a novella she wrote called Sanctuary

My narration of Emile Zola's classic, The Ladies' Paradise, has been doing very well on Audible.  Many thanks to my buddy, Linda, who is also a first-class proof-listener! 

Stay tuned for more recording news, estate sales, yarn projects and anything else that pops up.  Hope everyone is having a great New Year (so far)!

Tomorrow is Duane's birthday so Linda and I are taking her to lunch at a new place we haven't tried yet along with a little shopping.  After that we're heading back to my house for red velvet cake (courtesy of BJ's -- I can not tell a lie) and pressies.  Happy Birthday, Duane!

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