Friday, February 14, 2014

Big estate sales, small purchases

Duane, Linda and I hit two estate sales early this morning.  The first one was another one in the section of town known as 'Old Carrollwood' and had a big variety of items.  The couple who had owned the house traveled a lot so there was quite a bit of nice art, ceramics, etc.  Unfortunately, the company handling the estate sale was the one that only allows 10 people at a time into the house.  We first hit one of their sales last summer and said 'never again' but since they did specify in their ad about the 'people limit' we thought there might be fewer buyers.  We were right about that.  Normally a sale like this would have a very long line but this one didn't and we didn't have to wait very long to get in.  There were a number of people loudly grumbling about how ridiculous it was to have to wait but I guess this company has had problems with theft.  With so many small items for sale, I can see where it would be easy for someone to slip items into a pocket, etc.  

I was tempted by several items, particularly some of the art, but the few people who were in the house when our little trio got in were really scarfing stuff up.  I wasn't interested enough to push my newly sharpened elbows in and go after any of the spoils.  Duane did buy a set of china English egg coddlers.  Very nice. 

At the second sale, I found a pretty serving tray.  I like to use trays when I have company to serve cookies, etc.  Linda found some decorative candy wrappers and Duane bought some cake decorating items. 

Afterwards, we hit a nearby Starbucks and spent a lot of time gabbing while we had a snack.  Ah, the fun is in the hunt.

Our purchases.

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