Saturday, February 22, 2014

I made Mary Jane slippers!

I've wanted to make a pair of these for myself for awhile now but these Mary Jane slippers kept getting pushed to the back of my priority list.  Between knitting and crocheting items for friends, relatives and the homeless, it was hard to find time to work on these.  But, I finally managed to fit them in by working on them a bit at a time.  I found that the best time was after a recording and/or editing session to help me unwind.  The pattern I used is called 'Mary Jane Slippers' and was created by Lisa Gutierrez.  You can find it here along with pictures of different pairs that Lisa crocheted using a different color for the trim.  I decided to go all black with mine.  

Sort of a side view.
I did consider putting red buttons on mine but decided I really liked these silvery/clear ones.  The slippers are very comfy and look nice around the house with my usual narrating uniform of a tee shirt and black leggings.  I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn so these should last a long time. 

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