Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Catching up...

I'm just wrapping up my latest audiobook, The Red Shoelace Killer by Susan Sundwall, and getting ready to send it in for author approval and post-production.  This was really a fun book to record.  It's a cozy mystery and the main character is a woman named Minnie Markwood.  Minnie is 60-ish (she never says her exact age) has short steel gray hair and weighs 'upwards' of 170 pounds.  She's a widow and former librarian who now works part-time for a company that takes surveys.  Minnie is a big fan of Agatha Christie books and the Miss Marple character from television and considers herself pretty knowledgeable as an amateur sleuth.  She ends up with two unlikely younger people as her investigative partners but that makes for a lot of the fun.  I hope there will be more 'Minnie' books from Susan Sundwall.

Now I'm prepping for my next book, Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret by Tony Jerris.  This one is non-fiction and I'm very excited about recording it.  It tells the story of Jane Lawrence and her friendship with Marilyn Monroe from the time Jane was first appointed president of Marilyn's fan club at the tender age of 12 until Marilyn's untimely death.  Jane's father was a bigwig at RKO Studios where the young starlet, Marilyn was under contract.  That's how Jane ended up with the enviable job with the fan club.  I should begin recording later this week.

On the yarn front, I'm still looking at possibilities for Easter 'critters' to make for my three young nieces.  Still have lots of time but there are a ton of choices.  Tsk.

Oh, and my nephew Sam has begun taking flying lessons.  I'm not crazy about this.  I freely admit that little planes freak me out.  My uncle was an experienced pilot of over 13 years when his small plane (which he used to fly to and from work each day) crashed into the Everglades.  My cousin (my uncle's oldest son) and my uncle's son-in-law were aboard the plane, too.  The cause of the crash was never discovered.  This happened in 1987 and I still get the heebie-jeebies regarding small planes.  Bad mojo.

Sam has posted some videos of his flight training.  This is my favorite.  One where he lands and is safely back on the ground.  The music is "Fog" by The Mallard.

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