Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today was the annual Chiseler's Market!

As we have for the past 3 years, Duane, Linda and I hit the annual market held by The Chiselers to keep money in the coffers to maintain Henry B. Plant Hall at the University of Tampa.  This is a fun event to attend but you have to sharpen those elbows because the crowd is huge -- especially in the room called the Bargain Room.  It's all for a worthy cause and there are definitely bargains to be had all over the market.

It's also a good idea to get there early.  We were actually early this morning but the parking was the worst we've encountered so far.  We ended up on the roof of the nearest parking garage.  Mrs. Peel got some sun today!

I headed straight for the Bargain Room (Linda and Duane avoid that room like the plague -- too packed) and scooped up some beautiful boutique yarn and some white twine-type material to use for crocheting baskets.  Duane and Linda both purchased books from the Book Room and they both also scored in the Art area on the veranda.  Linda bought a framed and signed photograph and Duane bought a beautiful framed piece of paper art.  The paper is actually three dimensional under the glass in the frame.  Tried to get a close-up below but it was hard to capture.  I didn't buy art this year but I'm looking at a signed print that I framed from last year of an urban scene in Charleston.  It hangs over my desk.

Our purchases.

Close up of the paper art Duane bought.
I took longer than Linda and Duane and we were all three exhausted (it doesn't take much) from the crowd so we headed to the Starbucks near Duane's house.  We had treats and a nice gabfest.  Looking forward to next year's sale already!

Plant Hall at night.


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