Friday, June 28, 2013

Shopping local

Lighting at Schiller's.
We try to shop local when possible and have found that there are some really great stores out there.  Some we've visited and purchased from many times.  Others we visit less often but still really enjoy.  Today, Duane, Linda and I decided to make it a 'shop local' day and started with a large shop we hadn't been to before.  Duane happened to notice it when she passed it one day.  It's actually an enormous salvage store.  The name is Schiller's Salvage and they have a very nice website here.  I snapped a couple of pics but they're a drop in the bucket to what you can find there.

Some of Schiller's wares outside.
There's a ton of stuff in the area outside the warehouse -- everything from huge garden items to reclaimed lumber.  Then you go inside and, honestly, if you're looking for something with 'old bones' -- (Duane fell in love with a couple of fireplace surrounds) they probably have it.  From windows to columns to doors to hardware, lighting, signs, furniture --- the list goes on.  One thing I wish I had been able to find was the first letter of my last name - H.  Schiller's had so many 'letters' from lighted ones from businesses to cardboard ones.  Maybe I'll get lucky another time.  It was a little overwhelming due to the sheer quantity of items but definitely a place to think about if you're looking for something unique.

Then we headed to one of our favorite local shops -- mentioned on this blog many times -- A Modern Line.  You can visit their website here.  All three of us have purchased merchandise from A Modern Line before.  I'm probably the 'pillow queen' because that's what I bought (again) today.  I have quite a few pillows from them all over my house.  I've also purchased pottery, art and a mid-century
modern coffee table.  Linda has made the biggest purchases -- several side tables, a head and foot board for the bed in her guest room and smaller items.  Today she was drooling over a recent acquisition in the store -- a round coffee table made of Italian marble and wood.  Really striking.  Linda took photos and, David, the store owner, gave her a tape measure so that she can see if this table will fit where her current coffee table now rests.  Something tells me we'll be back for that coffee table.  Today Linda bought a vintage 1960's Haeger urn/vase.  We rarely leave this store empty-handed.

Next up was a vintage store owned by the wife of the owner of A Modern Line.  Sherry's Yesterdaze is the place to shop if you're looking for a nice vintage item in the line of clothing, accessories, housewares -- you name it.  Sherry has a website here.  I wanted to check in to pick up some vintage scarves/ladies hankies to tie to my purse to brighten it up for summer.
Sherry has a big selection and it was difficult to choose but I decided on one scarf and three hankies.  Linda found a couple of vintage hardback Nancy Drew mysteries.  A nice touch for the bookcase plus they have a special meaning for those of us who grew up reading them.

After Sherry's, we were ready for lunch.  In Duane's neighborhood, which all of these stores are in or near, has a great selection of local eateries.  One of our faves is Mikey's Cafe & Bakery which can be found online here.   Their sandwiches are as good as their desserts.  We had a nice lunch before heading home with our purchases.   Only Duane resisted the 'buying' temptation since she's in the process of renovating her art studio.  But none of us could resist Mikey's.

Linda's buys.
My finds.

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