Friday, June 21, 2013

Triple Estate Sale Day

Linda and I hit three estate sales this morning and it took quite a while to get to each one due to the fact that none of them were near each other.  Duane had to sit this one out due to having family visit.  The first sale we hit was in south Tampa and was organized by a woman who handles estate sales for a living.  About the only time we miss her sales is when they're held out of town.  Along with some yarn, Linda found a brand new pair of Keds tennis shoes still in the box -- never worn. Both of us had mentioned lately that we needed new sneakers so I held my breath when we checked the size.  Not my size!  But they were Linda's size so she got a great deal.  Good thing we don't wear the same size or things could have gotten ugly.

At the next sale, which is the charming area of town where Duane lives, the estate sale was being held in a tiny one bedroom house.  The lady who had died had collected lovely things.  I found a Christmas tree pin/brooch -- new in it's package by a brand I'm not familiar with and bought it for a friend who collects Christmas pins.  There was a really pretty piece of the vintage Noritake porcelain that Linda collects but, sadly, a small piece was broken off the side.  Otherwise, she would have bought it.

The last of the three sales was held in a 'newer' part of town and the house had been owned by a serious collector of anything to do with American cars.  From models to vintage ads, the collection was unbelievable.  They also collected other types of vintage ads along with Barbie dolls.  (The bedroom with the Barbies was kind of weird.)  They had beautiful antique furniture and stained glass lighting dating back to the 1920's.  However, many of the items were really overpriced.  This was the first day of a three day sale and Linda and I both think they'll have to come down on some of the prices in order to sell more items.  The house was fairly large and it was full of sale items along with the two car garage which had been emptied of the cars and set up with tables with even more items for sale.  I picked up a dictionary for George, some padded hangers for my sweaters and a fan with koi painted on it.  I hung the koi fan in my laundry room.  It looks pretty against the yellow wall.  Linda bought two of the vintage car ads (from the 1920's) and a small poster of the 1936 Olympics.  She plans to frame those three items and hang them in her house.

With our usual stop at Starbucks and a long gabfest, it was a fun day.  We missed having Duane with us, though!

Linda's finds.

My buys.

Close-ups of the vintage ads Linda bought.


  1. We spent a lot of time at these estate sales. It was a very interesting day.

    Love the photo by George.

  2. Yes, especially the last one. Lots of stuff and a pretty big house.

    I'll relay your appreciation to George. :)