Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My newest recording on sale at Audible today!

My latest audiobook recording is another mystery from Kathleen Walls. This one is called Last Step and went on sale at Audible today.  Set in the drug-infested slum section of Jacksonville, Florida, it's the story of a mother, Vicki, and her search to discover who is responsible for her daughter Karen's death.  Although Karen had been a crack addict, she was desperately trying to break her addiction.  The circumstances of her death don't add up to Vicki so she sets out to investigate on her own.  She does have sympathetic help from two police officers but can she trust the wealthy but aloof man, Joe, who owns the drug-ridden hotel where Karen was found dead?  Vicki also must figure out how to handle the handsome drug counselor and former addict, Hank, who also becomes a part of Vicki's search for answers to Karen's death.  How will Hank fit into her life?

Settle in for the holiday tomorrow with a good listen (after the food, parades and fireworks, of course)!  You can hear a sample and purchase Last Step here

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