Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's Friday! That means estate sales...

Duane, Linda and I hit two estate sales early this morning.  As I've probably said before, Friday is the best day for these sales.  You get crowds but not like you do for ones that begin on Saturday morning.  The first sale was a lot of antique furniture, depression glass, American art pottery, etc.  The seller was a collector and a dealer.  Besides a full house, there were tables in the garage and down the driveway.  I'm the only one who made a purchase, though. The items were on the pricey side.  This wasn't a true 'estate' sale.  It was a dealer/collector trying to sell of some off their stuff.  I love enamel and I fell in love with a type of item I had never seen before.  It's a small enamel on metal tube that is about the size of a lipstick tube.  However, when you pull the short end off, it reveals a set of beautifully made manicure instruments.  It was made in Germany and has a few spots where the enamel was worn off but I bartered with the woman selling it and was very happy with my purchase.

Our second stop which was a true estate sale -- the elderly woman who had lived in the house for many years had died -- was a good one for all three of us.  She had collected a lot of pressed glass, depression glass, some vintage Noritake (lucky for Linda!) and a lot of books, pottery and furniture.  Duane bought a book and a beautiful Vera scarf.   I bought a signed sketch from an artist on Cape Cod.  I also picked up an alumni directory for the high school that I knew was my dad's alma mater.  It was printed in 2007 and listed class members from 1920-1950.  My father graduated in 1949 and I checked for his name and it was there.  They even knew that he was deceased so they obviously keep their records up to date.  The man holding the sale didn't charge me anything for it.  I told him why I wanted it and he was glad that it meant something to a buyer. 

Linda walked away with the 'deal of the day', though.  If you follow this blog you already know that she collects Noritake china pieces.  Most of the pieces she has were made in Japan in the first quarter of the 1900's.  She found a lovely bowl in beautiful condition at this second sale.  The price?  $2.00.  That never happens.   She usually pays a minimum of $15 to $20 and up.  Today she was 'lucky' Linda.

Duane's purchases.

Linda's find.

My buys.
Naturally, we had to stop for drinks and a treat and found the nearest place -- Panera's.  Nothing like a good drink, something sweet and our usual gabfest.

Enamel cased German manicure set.

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