Saturday, August 3, 2013

Catching up

I've been in the midst of a whirlwind of activities around our house while taking a self-imposed break from recording.  These have been fairly involved -- see my previous post on my DIY of our master closet -- and just plain time-consuming.  Changing out light fixtures, painting and replacing woodwork around some of our windows.  Just trying to find a match to the original paint color in our house took numerous trips to home improvement stores before discovering that the paint used in 1988 was still being manufactured and sold.  I just had to know where to look for it.  (Insert rolling of eyes here.)  Still, it's a great feeling to get projects that have been piling up for so long out of the way.

I have been recording a book for LibriVox but even that came to a standstill earlier this week when the central AC in our house started blowing warm air.  I should probably point out, again, that we live in Florida.  Cue screaming.  We got the AC guy out the same day.  He was able to secure a fix but it seems we need some part that must be ordered.  Seriously?  It wouldn't be that big a deal (as long as the AC still works) except for the fact that the entrance to the attic that leads to the AC is inside a small walk-in closet upstairs.  The one I use as my recording studio.  Not good.   I had to take everything out except for the 'silencer' material nailed to the walls.  This meant not only removing my microphone and various other items I keep at hand but also the material I have tacked to the ceiling of the closet because, of course, the entrance to the attic is located on the ceiling of this closet.  Good thing I wasn't in the middle of a paid recording with a deadline looming.  However, I'm winding down my house projects and want to begin auditioning again.  Needless to say -- I am not pleased. 

I did manage to put together an official homepage for my book narration work.  You can find me here.  That was another project I had been putting off because I was too busy recording.  Right now it's plain and basic but also easy to navigate.  I don't care for 'busy' sites although I do plan to upgrade down the road.  At least now I own my domain name and have one site for anyone who is interested in what I've recorded. 

Now if only that part for the AC will hurry up and arrive, I can put my studio back together.  I feel so lucky to actually have this closet in the center of the house upstairs (no outside walls).  This cut down on noise before I even treated the walls and ceiling.  I'd like to finish recording The Secret Mark for LibriVox and then dive into auditioning again.  SOON. 

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