Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More DIY...

I posted a few weeks ago about re-doing the master bedroom closet and replacing the builder 'boob' light in the upstairs hall.  Since then, I've also replaced the 'boob' light in the downstairs hall and we've also started switching out all of our mini-blinds (in almond, what was I thinking?) for 2.5 inch wide white blinds.  Love the way the wide white blinds look.  Since it's so humid where we live, we decided to go with the faux wood plastic ones as opposed to wood ones.  They're also easier on the pocketbook and can be taken down and hosed with water.    Here's a pic of my home office from my desk with the new blinds open.  I'm waiting on short plain white curtains to hang above the curved part of the window.  That's what was up there before (only in cream to match the almond minis).  I know that we could get the 'fan' type of blind for that part of the window but, honestly, it just seems like another dust trap.  BTW, the curtains on this window are the only ones in our entire house.  I'm not a curtain person although I love them in other people's homes.

My treehouse.

My recording closet is on the opposite side of the room from the window which really helps with keeping noise out.  (Well, that and the padding and insulation in the closet.)

Here's a recap of the lights that I put up to replace the builder's boob lights.  First, to refresh your memory, here's what the boob lights looked like:

 Here's the light we replaced it with in the upstairs hallway.  A fisherman's light with a seed glass cover.

Here's the light we bought to replace the one in the downstairs hall.  Love the modern look of this one. 

And here's a fuller view of what the downstairs hallway looks like with the new light (above) replacing the boob light. 

So, along with the boob light I replaced in the master closet, our house is now boob-light free.  I don't just love, I lurve our closet now.

It's nice to get these things done that I've wanted to do for years (in some cases) or because I thought of them after seeing someone else's blog or in a magazine.  The blinds are the most expensive of my DIY projects.  Of the three lights, the most expensive one -- which was still pretty reasonable -- was the one in the downstairs hallway.  It cost approx. $90.  The upstairs hall light was around $40, as was the closet light.

Oh, I also made an Ikea run with Duane and Linda last Friday.  We all left with a few items but Duane and I both bought one of their new (and, of course, inexpensive) items.  I knew that I could find a place to hang this.  He doesn't have to be fed or given water and he'll live as long as I like in our powder room downstairs.  Our new pet -- a bird in a cage.

Birdy in the powder room.


  1. Nice job on all of it! Your house looks so good.

  2. Thanks! Still have about half the blinds to install!

  3. Hanging up window coverings have various functions. It can either be for decoration and general appeal of the house, or could also be for insulation and allowing little sunlight and heat to enter our homes. And I'm glad to hear that yours have been working the way it should for you. Just make sure that they are regularly cleaned though. Not only does it look ugly when dirty, dirt can also put your family's health at risk.
    Roxie @ Allure Window Treatment

  4. Thanks, Roxie! All the windows are finished now and should be much easier to keep clean. :)