Friday, May 31, 2013

New releases from Iambik Audiobooks!

Iambik Audiobooks recently released three books in three different genres.  First up in the literary fiction catgeory is The Chaplain written and narrated by Paul Almond.  This is Book 5 of The Alford Saga. From an Amazon reviewer:  "Those who are taken by The Chaplain will be delighted, as I was, to learn that the Alford Saga continues and that this story will be followed by three more books in the series. In and of itself The Chaplain stands on its own as a great novel, one which will likely endure as a classic in Canadian literature."

Next up is a collection of horror stories, Every House is Haunted by Ian Rogers.  This book is narrated by David Lewis Richardson.  There are 22 stories in this collection.  According to Speculating Canada:  "Rogers brings us into moral grey areas, encouraging us to question stories, delve deep into them and interact with them, and also reminds us that every story contains the potential for both danger as well as ecstasy."

The third new release is in the science fiction/fantasy genre.  In the Service of Samurai by Gloria Oliver is narrated by the mysterious Availle.  From an Amazon reviewer: "It mixes the elements of the classic ghost story with those of an epic quest and tosses it into the mysterious world of old Japan.”

So, start your weekend listening to one of these new books from Iambik which are now available for purchase on Audible. You can listen to the complete first chapters of these books and all Iambik books on the Iambik website here.

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