Sunday, May 12, 2013

My recording of "Yankee, Go Home!" now available

My latest audiobook recording, Yankee, Go Home! by Sharon Delarose is now available on Audible.   This book is autobiographical.  The author changed the names in the book but all of the incidents actually happened to her when she moved from New York to the deep south in the late 1960's.  'Dottie' was a 19 year old city girl when she headed south on her own and experienced culture shock in the small towns she lived and worked in.  To anyone who lives or has lived in the south -- there's the south and there's the 'deep' south.  Dottie was adjusting to life there during a time when there were a lot of changes going on regarding women's rights which only added to her adventures.

Great characters in this one from Dottie's next door neighbor 'Skeeter' to two biker buddy friends who come down from New York to help Dottie with home repairs.  You can listen to a sample and purchase the book here.

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