Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great day for estate/garage sales

Best sale of the day.
Linda and I discovered some estate sales going on in a suburb of Tampa called Lutz.  Linda actually lives in Lutz but Lutz covers a pretty big area and the part with the sales was closer to where I live than where she lives.  Duane is in D.C. this weekend -- lucky duck -- and, hopefully, having a great time there so she wasn't with us. 

We hit two actual estate sales.  Despite people adding photos to their ads, this can be really hit or miss.  The first one was definitely a miss.  It was not a true estate sale.  It was a garage sale for a person who was simply moving.  I did, however, score a nice piece of Waverly upholstery fabric in dark green stripe on white.  I'll probably use it to cover a cushion either for the chair in the guest room that sits at a desk or for one in the living room that serves the same purpose.  Nice classic look and a bargain for .50.  There's over a yard of material.

We got luckier at the next stop.  Several ladies were having their sale in front of a really pretty country style house set back on a large piece of property.  Linda found an adorable pair of stud earrings and I found a pretty Cynthia Rowley serving tray.  Things were definitely starting to look up.  For our next stop, we checked out what turned out to be a real estate sale that was being professionally handled.  Since it was the second day of the sale (we usually like to hit these on the first day but I had family from out-of-town staying with me) the organizer decided to go ahead and mark everything at 1/2 price.  There were so many rooms with beautiful items including some lovely original art that we couldn't imagine what they must have had the first day.  The prices were fair even at full-price but we certainly weren't going to turn down a discount.  Linda bought a beautiful framed painting signed by the artist.  I also found a painting.  Mine is quite a  bit older and I want to re-frame it but I really love the picture.  Along with the painting, I bought a small enamel on copper dish that's signed.

The last two sales we checked were decent garage sales.  I found a framed D. Morgan picture that I'm probably going to give to a family member who likes her work.  After checking the last sale, we headed for refreshments at Panera.  Gotta have my iced coffee and Linda has to have her tea.  It was 'operation success' for today's sales.

Linda's items.

My purchases.

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