Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Art Show

Linda and I went to the Mainsail Art Festival in St. Petersburg on Saturday and it turned out to be perfect weather for it.  It's already gotten pretty warm here but Saturday was overcast and actually cool so it felt great to be outdoors.  This the 38th year of this art show and it's juried with artists from all over the U.S. and Canada participating.  It's held in Vinoy Park across from the Vinoy Hotel and is right on the Gulf.

There were over 200 artists there with every possible type of painting, photographs, ceramics, glass,  and sculpture.  The sculpture was fabulous.  With metal, concrete, ceramic, glass, wire and wood, just to name a few of the materials used.  Deep pockets would have been nice to have while browsing this event.  Linda and I both did buy 2 small items each and we actually bought the same things.  One of the watercolor artists had bookmarks for sale and one of the sculptors who had items made of the most beautiful woods had made some small toothpick holders.  So we didn't leave empty-handed although both of us would have loved to bring home a number of pieces we saw.

There were also many choices of food and drink set up at the show but we decided to walk back down Beach Blvd. and pick out a place to have a leisurely lunch.  We settled on a deli/bakery type shop where they had great sandwiches.  Then we popped into a bakery a little further down and picked up a few items to take home.  Yum.  Since we took a trolley from where we parked to get to the show, we didn't feel too bad about indulging for lunch since we walked back to our car from the show.  I took a few shots of the sailboats and the area near where the street to The Pier is located.  All in all, a really nice way to spend a day.  We wish Duane could have come with us but she had family commitments.  We missed our third! 
Our small purchases.

An overcast day.

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