Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Visit to a TINY Flea Market

I set out this morning with Duane and Linda to check out a small flea/farmer's market that we had noticed a sign for a number of times.  It's not in the usual place where you would expect to find a flea market.  In fact, it's located behind a building that houses the local American Legion Hall.  This is on a side street just off a busy road that has lots of car repair businesses, a record store, several thrift stores and the like.  Apparently, the local American Legion group must rent out spaces in their parking lot and in the Legion hall itself.  They actually serve a full hot breakfast.  There were also several food trucks parked in the 'flea market' area that specialized in Mexican food.  This little market certainly smells good.

Many of the vendors appeared to be of Latino origin and everyone was very nice.  We were sure that they had grown the vegetables and fruit them- selves.  It looked great -- particularly the watermelons.  I was tempted but as Linda and I admitted, we were both too lazy to drag one of those big boys home and cut it up.  I'm not sure George and I could have eaten one quickly enough before it began to lose it's flavor. 

All three of us ended up buying DVDs.  There was a woman vendor who had a ton of decent movies for $1 each.  All were used but in good condition.  The market only had about 4 to 5 rows of vendors selling everything from food to video games, music CDs, and collectibles.  There was also an area inside the American Legion building where (along with buying breakfast or pastries) there were books for sale (.25 each) and booths with items for sale.  However, the booths were all locked up and I should have asked when they were normally open.  The items were definitely of the collectible variety although some of the spaces were obviously used for storage, too.  Guess we may have to check this one out again to see how often the merchandise changes. 

This would definitely qualify as the smallest flea market any of us could ever remember seeing.  But, at least, unlike some of the larger ones nearby, there wasn't as much of the dollar store/imported stuff for sale.

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