Friday, April 19, 2013

Fabulous estate sale with emphasis on Asian items

Linda, Duane and I attended an estate sale yesterday that we were dying to go to after seeing the 300+ photos that had been uploaded by the company holding the sale.  The emphasis was on Asian artwork and carvings, specificially jade and netsuke. I was really hoping to land a piece of art due to all of the paintings on silk, etc.  But the owner of the house had also been a big collector of stone carvings made of jade, wood and other materials.  However, getting anywhere near the tables with the carvings was next to impossible.  Believe me, I tried.  

There were so many people gathered around the cases that you couldn't even tell what they were looking at.  By the time I finally made my way through, most of the pieces were gone.  There were 2 glass cases that the woman handling this part of the sale kept refilling as pieces sold.  I know that the dealer was willing to barter on prices because Linda and I both received discounts off the paintings we bought without even asking.  I'm not sure how much they were willing to bargain on the jade, etc., though, due to Thursday being the first day of a three day sale.  The pieces that I liked that were left were either too expensive to even barter or (if they were in my price range) they didn't appeal to me.  Oh well, I still ended up with a very pretty painted silk wall hanging.  I plan to put it in our guest room and may hang it as is and then eventually frame it.  Linda's find is the framed one in beautiful shades of green.  She's hoping to find the right spot in her living room.  Duane found a cute plate for her kitchen which she's in the process of remodeling.  So, none of us left empty-handed. 

I overheard a woman asking about the two lions shown above that marked the front walkway to the house.  Apparently, the next-of-kin planned on keeping those.  Never hurts to ask but I don't know where I would put something like that.  There was security on the grounds for parking purposes and also to check our purchases as we left.  Our buys are pictured below.  Still bummed I didn't get a real chance at any of the stuff in the glass cases.  I forgot to sharpen my elbows before leaving my house.

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