Saturday, December 17, 2011

Update on yarn projects

I managed to finish crocheting/knitting four items to send to The Humble Stitch before their deadline for delivery for this year.  I crocheted 2 scarves and 1 hat and knitted 1 hat.  I expect to contribute much more to next year's project.  According to my friend, Kate, the coordinator for The Humble Stitch, participants passed the self-imposed 500 items for a grand total of 588 items for the local homeless and 77 squares for the the Knit A Square project.  Fantastic news!

With my group of friends here, we're working to make enough squares for at least one blanket by the end of the year for the children orphaned by AIDS.  Each blanket is made of 60 8" by 8" squares.  The squares can be knitted or crocheted.  I'm currently working on my 8th square.  (Since I've had a dreadful cold, it's given me something worthwhile and relaxing to do, too.)  I tried getting a little 'fancy' with a plain white square and a flower but I think I'll stick with plain squares.  I'm not really 'handy' enough to pull off flowers.  Kudos to Allison, who I believe is currently in the lead with over 20 finished squares, followed by Kristen with over 11 squares.  Barbara spread the word to her First Friday Journal Club and she has finished over 6 squares as of the last count.  (Guys, let me know if I'm off on these numbers.)  Also, a shout out to my friend, Linda, for learning to crochet in order to take part in this project.  Pictured below are some of the children wrapped in blankets that have been made with squares sent from all over the world.  'Tis the season!



  1. Allison is in the lead with 20 squares as of Friday. That flower square is very pretty!! Great job. We recruited 2 nurses from Moffitt on Wednesday, so your initiative is really resonating with a lot of people.

  2. Wonderful! Boy, Allison is FAST. Those little fingers must fly. :D I'll correct the post. :)