Saturday, December 31, 2011

Barb's Second Annual Pre-New Year's Party (with prologue)


My friend Linda swung by my house last night to pick me up to go to our buddy, Barbara's house for a party.   The 4 lane road we rode on is currently being worked on to increase it to 6 and, in some places, 8 lanes.  Driving on it in the dark is such fun.  Hard to tell where it's going to suddenly curve while looking for street names at the same time.  We found the turn lane for the intersection that turns into the community Barbara lives in.  We were talking and when the light turned green, Linda turned left to head into the entrance.  Now, this entrance has 4 lanes divided by landscaping and a wall with the name of the community on it.  I thought that Linda seemed to be turning a bit sharply to the left and I began saying something like "um, uh" when she turned the car into the OUTGOING turn lane of the subdivision.  As the headlights of a car came toward us IN THE OUTGOING TURN LANE, we both screamed.  I believe that Linda's came out as "Oh, shit!"  I started babbling then and told her that I had been trying to say something but I wasn't sure she was actually going to turn into the 'out-rance' (as opposed to the entrance) of Barb's subdivision. 

More profanity followed as Linda began trying to back up (I am SO glad we couldn't see the face of the driver in the car that approached us) and get to a point where we could move to the right and into the proper entrance lane.  That was easier said than done since people were turning into the subdivision (on the CORRECT side) from the same turn lane that we had turned from.  We finally got a break and Linda whipped her car over into the proper lane.  Linda swore this has never happened to her before.  (I can definitely vouch for the fact that it's never happened when I'VE been her passenger.) 

The main drag through Barb's subdivision is kind of dark and we were looking for the street sign and entrance since her village is gated.  She had given us the code and we've been to her house several times before.  We almost passed her entrance but backed up and turned in.  Unfortunately, in our zeal to get to the party, we (or one of us) drove past the portal where you have to enter the code to open the gate.  I suggested that we back up again but Linda said that there was someone behind us. Linda got out of the car and ran to punch in the code.  It was pitch black, other than headlights and a few small lamp posts nearby.  I could hear voices and recognized one as our friend, Randy, who was also attending the party.  (In fact,  he had seen the whole fiasco of our fateful left turn at the entrance from a few cars behind us. He even recognized the car in the lights from the traffic.  Oopsy.)  Finally, Linda came running back to the car after the code had been entered and the iron gate began to open.  As we started to drive through, it began to close.  More screams.  Luckily, the gate has some kind of sensor and stopped before hitting the car and resumed opening.

We made the first right turn on Barbara's street and found a spot to park in front of her townhouse.  Linda needed a drink by then and this was one of those times when I wished I drank. 

The Party

Last night was good times with good friends at my buddy, Barbara's house.  Her daughter, Margaret, along with Margaret's BFF, Jenny, had driven from Atlanta and were almost the only non-librarians there.  I'm not sure if they were surprised at how much we (librarians) drink and swear but they won't be after this.  I made my brother-in-law Charlie's delicious eggnog pie (spiked with white Puerto Rican rum).  Needless
to say, it was a hit.

Clint brought his wife, Delcy, who is from Peru and was spending her first Christmas in the U.S.  Randy stayed busy mixing his kamikazes which kept
everyone else busy drinking them -- including Randy, himself.  Barb had a spiked punch that was already being quaffed and there was also wine to be had.

Randy downing one of his kamikazes.

Kamikazes -- Florida tacky style.

If there was a topic of conversation we missed, I don't know what it could have been.  Everything from campus politics, library gossip (from various libraries), murder investigations, celebrities we love to hate (Kardashian alert), and the meanings of various, um, words, were dissected.  At one point, I noticed that Clint was quietly filming us as we were going at it and I fear we may end up in his family film collection.  I told him that if he posts anywhere online to be sure to edit out any names we used or naughty words.  (We do have our image to maintain.)            

Barb, our hostess.
Luckily, no one had to spend the night (like last year's party) so that made things a little easier on our hostess.  Although Barb is always ready to keep anyone off the road if they've overindulged.  I was the only non-drinker there but it never stops me from having a great time.  

Me in me tights.
Oh, and I had a nice surprise waiting for me.  Margaret and Jenny had sponsored their first contest (see their blog Two Gals and a Shop) and I was the winner.  (Lucky me!)  They asked women to submit photos of how they wear tights.  I call my entry "Florida Winter Casual Chic" (see pic) and I won a fab set of hand therapy lotions and creams from Crabtree and Evelyn. 

The girls brought my gift with them to present it in person and I was very happy to accept.  Here's looking forward to a great New Year for everyone!

My prize!


  1. If you seek hilarious(slightly snarky) conversation...go to a librarians partay. You forgot to mention the topic du jour..."Leg washes ashore on St. Pete Beach." Hey everybody keep today's St. Pete Times as a momento...that wonderful masthead exists no more. Happy New Year to you Claire, and all your readers!!!

  2. Darn! How could I forget about the leg???

  3. Good blog. Very entertaining writing style. Happy New Year!---Feckless Piker

  4. Thank you, Lord P! It was great to see you again.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Congrats on your prize! Use it wisely. The almost New Year's eve affair was indeed very festive. My cat was very interested in my paper lei when I got home (I finally got "leid!") Happy New Year to everyone!

  6. What a fabulous time!! Will admit that one Gal was in the "fetal position" for a good part of Saturday due to Lord P's kamikazes. Hope that you enjoy your prize--it's a great product! Happy 2012!!

  7. I shall certainly enjoy my prize! Fantastic brand. :D Hope you have/had a good trip back to A-town. Happy New Year to both gals!