Thursday, December 8, 2011

Iambik releases more crime and sci/fi audiobooks

Iambik Audiobooks released four new titles today.  Three of the books fall into the crime genre and the fourth is a sci/fi title.  First up is People Still Live in Cashtown Corners by Tony Burgess and narrated by our own Phil Chenevert.  If you like your crime books creepy, you can't get much creepier than this one. Bob Clark owns the Self Serve in Cashtown Corners. It's the only business there and Bob is the only resident. He's never been comfortable around other people. Until he starts to kill them. And murder, Bob soon discovers, is magic.  From Aaron Allen, Horror in the Hammer"People Still Live in Cashtown Corners is the product of a literary mind that regularly licks at 12 volt batteries charged with pure insanity."

Next up is South by South Bronx  written and narrated by Abraham Rodriguez.  Puerto Rican ladies' man Alex wakes up to find a mysterious woman in his bed.  He thinks he may have had a blackout but discovers that he's never met her before.  Hmmm....  Abraham Rodriguez is a seasoned writer with several awards under his belt beginning with his first book, The Boy without a Flag, a 1993 New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

Praise from S.J. Rozan,  Edgar Award-winning author of In This Rain: "In prose entirely his own (and don't I wish I could steal it and run off with it!), Abraham Rodriguez gives us a crime story, a love story, and one of the best portraits of the creative process I've ever seen. Every page is a joy and every character--including the South Bronx itself-is alive and surprising. This book is something special."

Our third crime entry is Who By Fire, Who By Blood written by Jonathan Papernick and narrated by the talented John Greenman.  Matthew Stone discovers that his father has not only been a supporter of the extreme right wing in Israel, but he has kept a secret bank account to support pro-Israeli terrorist activities.  From Sanford Pinsker, New Jersey Jewish News:  "Who by Fire, Who by Blood will only increase an already widespread feeling that Papernick is one of the few Jewish-American writers able to write about Jewish extremism...part thriller, part love story, part psychological profile...Papernick proves himself a masterful storyteller...”

Iambik's fourth new title is a science fiction work by Elizabeth Engstrom called When Darkness Loves Us and narrated by the versatile Linette Geisel.  This book actually comprises two novellas.  In one, young Sally Ann, a bright and bubbling farm girl with a happy life carelessly falls into an underground world where nothing is familiar and she must learn to adapt.  In the second story, old Martha Mannes is known throughout her small town as a dim-witted woman born without a nose. 

This two-novella collection twists together the beauty and horror underlying the seeming simplicity of small town life.

All four new titles are available now on Iambik's site for $6.99 each.   As always, the entire first chapter for each book is free for listening.  Pick out one (or more) and give yourself a treat over the weekend.

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