Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My litter of Amigurumi puppies

While participating in the knitting and crocheting activities for the past few weeks, I've visited various websites for pointers and tips on how to do both.  It had been so long since I'd done either that I was grateful that there are so many websites and videos with tutorials from everything on how to cast on stitches to making sweaters, blankets, etc. 

During one of my searches, I came across the most adorable crocheted items called 'Amigurumi'.  Apparently, these originated and are popular in Japan and some are based on various Japanese cartoon characters.  Many of the patterns have been posted freely on the Internet along with instructions on how to make them.  I fell in love with this puppy and decided I would make three of them as stocking stuffers for my five, four and two year old nieces for Christmas.  Here's the site with the pattern I used. Amigurumi Puppy pattern.

I found the supplies at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store last week.  Even though the information on the pattern clearly states that they are approximately 10 inches high, I thought they would be smaller.  (Something that could be accomplished by using thinner yarn and a smaller hook.)  You may also notice in the picture on the pattern that the puppy appears to be mostly white.  The pattern called for Lion Brand Yarn -- Chunky in a color called 'Fisherman'.  Fisherman is definitely a cream but I decided to follow the instructions to the letter. 

If you Google 'Amigurumi', you'll find tons of sites with information about the craft.  It even has it's own Wikipedia page here.  Well, anyway, I'm pretty happy with the way the puppies look.  It would have helped to have more time but I was determined to finish them for this Christmas.  I finished them today and now I have a ton of other things to do in a very short time  -- mostly wrapping presents and cleaning for company. 

You can change the colors, of course, for any of the patterns but the only one I changed was the color of the collar.  I also added a little 'charm' to each collar with the first initial for each of my nieces.  (Two of them are sisters and this will help to tell their puppies apart.)  There are tons of other adorable items to make but I've told my friends to please 'slap me silly' if I ever start doing something like this a week before Christmas again.  I hope the girls like them.  Now, I have to get busy wrapping presents.  My evening is all planned.


  1. They turned out so well, and you made them so quickly! The girls will love them. I'll bet they become favorites.

  2. I hope they do! If so, I'll make them some of the other little creatures but I'll allow myself more time to make them. Most of them are crocheted but some are also knitted.

  3. Look at how talented you are! I haven't gotten up the nerve to even try 3-dimensional stitching yet. Go you!

  4. Well, I did make an elephant for my youngest sister but that was when I was in college.:P These aren't difficult but it does get tiresome when you make several at once. I had to crochet a total of 12 very stubby legs. :D