Friday, February 13, 2015

My recording of The Tale of Chirpy Cricket on sale on Audible!

My audio version of The Tale of Chirpy Cricket by Arthur Scott Bailey went on sale on Audible yesterday.  Here's the intro:

"Chirpy Cricket sleeps in his little hole in Farmer Green's farmyard all day but when night falls, he comes out of his hole and makes his music with other members of the cricket family. Chirpy calls the noise he makes with his legs "fiddling" and he loves to fiddle. When he isn't fiddling, he gathers grass to take back to his hole to eat. Chirpy also likes to visit other creatures on the farm such as Tommy Tree Cricket, Freddie Firefly, Mr. Cricket Frog and others. Arthur Scott Bailey wrote a number of children's books. This book is part of his Tuck-Me-In Tales series. Bailey managed to slip facts about the various creatures into his books without sounding "preachy" and incorporated science into his wonderful stories while still giving his characters distinct personalities."

This is a great chapter book for kids ages 5-7.   It should be linked to the Kindle version that I published (using over 30 of Duane's watercolor illustrations) in the Whispersync program soon.  When that happens, the audiobook will be drastically reduced in price if you purchase the Kindle version.  Great for immersion reading for beginners and children having difficulty reading.   I'll post here when the book is part of Whispersync.

In the mean time, you can check here to listen to a sample of the audiobook.

If you'd like to check out a preview of the Kindle version with Duane's drawings, go here.

 Here's a sneak preview of another of the characters from the book.  This is Timothy Turtle:

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