Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Friday Estate Sale and A Recording Update

Friday morning Duane, Linda and I set out for the first estate sale we've hit since before the holidays.  This one was held in an older home in a part of town called Old Carrollwood.  It's a nice area that's centrally located in Tampa. 

The house was a pretty one and there was plenty of furniture and small items. 

Nice table.

We decided to all meet at the sale.  Even though we got there before it began at 9am, there were already cars lining both sides of the street.  Didn't have to wait long before we were allowed in, though.

Plenty of dinnerware and cookware.

There was some nice art but nothing that was really my taste.  I did end up buying a little barbell for my mother.  She goes to a cardiac rehab class three times a week.  In between, she's supposed to do lifts to strengthen her wrists and arms.  The cute little 2 pound green weight I found was perfect for her to use.

Plenty of silver and silver plate items

Linda was the only one who didn't buy anything.  Duane did really well.  The lady who had lived there had nice clothing that was barely worn.  Duane bought three of her blouses/jackets along with a couple of mugs that are the Delft-ware that she collects.  She also bought a tea towel and a box of unopened Christmas cards.  This person had a LOT of Christmas decorations.  One whole room of the sale was filled with boxes and boxes of them.

Of course, there are always things that kind of freak me out at some sales.  Behold the picture below.  All that's missing is that none of them are...  clowns!!!  Dolls and clowns are definitely not my thing.  Shudder. 

All those staring eyes...

After we checked out at the sale, we headed for coffee, treats and a chance to celebrate Duane's illustrations in the new edition of the children's classic The Tale of Chirpy Cricket by Arthur Scott Bailey.  Go, Duane! 

My handweight and Duane's items.
Duane's fashion finds.

On the audiobook front, my narration of The Tale of Chirpy Cricket is currently in post-production for Audible.  When it goes on sale, it will be in the Whispersync program linked to the Kindle book with Duane's illustrations.  I'll post here when that becomes available.  In the mean time, I've just begun production on a historical romance.  It's by Holly Bush and it's called Romancing Olive: Prairie Romance.  I'm really enjoying the story and hope future buyers will, too.


  1. Dolls kinda creep me out too, especially when they've only been used for decorative purposes, like all those obviously were. Serious collectors usually have them in their original boxes, or at least displayed very formally on stands special stands. When they're just sitting around like those, I shudder too.

    1. Yes, they do look a bit creepy, don't they? To be fair, the owner of the estate may not have had them displayed like that across the mantel. A lot of the items had been moved around in the house and put into groupings for the sale so I don't know where the dolls were originally. I fervently hope they weren't where they are in that picture. :D