Sunday, February 22, 2015

An excellent Friday estate sale

Colorful dishware.
Friday morning, bright and early, Duane, Linda and I hit an estate sale in a community in town called Cheval.  This is a planned development similar to the one I live in but it's pretty close to where Linda lives.   There don't seem to be as many estate sales near where Linda lives or in my area so we decided we had to check this one out.  Apparently, the woman who lived there was an event planner so, along with furniture and decor of her own, there were lots of items she had used for her work.

Judaica items.
The company giving the sale was a good one -- we've been to their sales before and they always price items to sell.  It was a sprawling house so a couple of times I wasn't sure I had been in a particular room yet until I checked it out to be sure.  I really liked a great deal of the art work.  Most were either originals or signed prints.  I couldn't pass up a vintage signed print that looks like it might be a color block (?) of the statue of David.  I'm planning to reframe it in a smaller more modern frame -- haven't decided about matting.  I love it.  It has a kitschy sort of look but it's not over the top.

Jewelry, anyone?
I also found three light up heart pens for the three little girls in my life (my nieces) that I know they'll love.  Mint in the packages.  In addition, there were items as diverse as men and women wallets mint in the box.  I purchased a man's Claiborne for Men leather wallet that I'll probably use as a gift for someone's birthday or Christmas.

Duane found a colorful spoonrest that she scooped up for her kitchen along with a pair of mugs that are Delft.  Anyone who follows this blog knows that Duane collects Delft but these were so whimsical and colorful that she was surprised when she turned them over and saw the maker name.

Nice items for men.
The art was going fast and Linda and I had both eyed an original French watercolor.  Someone else did purchase it while we were there.  We always figure that those losses simply weren't meant to be.  Linda, though sorely tempted, was the only one who left this sale empty-handed.  

Afterwards, we headed for our usual refreshments and gabbing at the nearest coffee shop.  It was a good day to be inside since the low actually dipped into the low 30s the night before.  However, I still like my coffee iced no matter what the weather is like.  I guess that's just the way I roll!

Our purchases.

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