Sunday, March 17, 2013

The 50th Annual Chiseler's Market

Tiny part of the Bargain Room.
Yesterday morning, Linda and Duane and I attended the annual sale held by the ladies of The Chiselers, Inc. This sale covers just about everything you can think of and has a huge room they call the 'Bargain' room that is unbelievable.  This makes the third year that we've gone to the market.  (If you want to know more about the good works of The Chiselers, just click on the link above.) We arrived just in time to join the line outside before the sale began at 9am.  I decided to hit the Bargain room first this year.
Boy, you really take your life into your hands by heading there first.   The three of us split up since we all had our cell phones with us.  I found out later that Duane tried going into the Bargain room first but began to feel claustrophobic.  I can see how that could happen.  One of the Chiseler ladies told me that a woman fainted in there one year.  I was able to find the area with yarn, needles, buttons, etc., and bought what they had to use for The Humble Stitch -- our favorite knitting/crocheting charity.    

After the Bargain room, I hit the book room.  I purchased a hardback book with knitting patterns. Duane had already been there and had purchased quite a few books.  I ran into Linda in the book room along with our buddy, Danny, who was chatting with Linda as they shopped.  Linda also found items in the book room.  (No surprise there!)  After that I decided to hit the 'Art' area.  That section is located outside on one of the verandas.  I ended up with a terrific little signed print of the city of Charleston (one of my favorite places).  Not sure where I'll hang it yet although I'm thinking over my desk in my home office.

Linda ended up with the coolest buy of the day.  The Chiselers always have very nice items in their silent auction.  I usually go into that room but I was too pooped after my foray into the Bargain room so I sat with Duane on the veranda and relaxed.  Linda had decided to place a bid on one of the items and never thought she would win it.  Well, surprise -- she received a phone call later that day letting her know that she had won the auction!  It's a beautiful piece of framed Chinese embroidery.  Really lovely and acquired at a great price, too.

Linda's treasure!  

After we left the market, we headed to Starbucks to refuel and relax.  From there we drove to another part of town where a used and antiquarian bookstore was having a huge going-out-of-business sale. We were like three kids in a candy store.   We all made purchases and, luckily, since the sale was only from 8am-2pm, the owner will be having more sales until all of her inventory is gone.  There are so many books that you could easily spend hours and hours going through them.   We plan to reserve the next sale day that the owner has as strictly a day for going through her books.  So, the plan is to bring a drink, pack a lunch, etc., when that happens.  Below are pics of our purchases for the day.

Books, books, books.  
Yarn and needles.
Signed Charleston print.