Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent releases from Iambik Audiobooks

Iambik Audiobooks has released six new titles in the past few weeks encompassing science fiction/fantasy, horror, and crime.  First up are two books in the horror genre.  Bearded Women by Teresa Milbrodt and narrated by Darla Middlebrook features a modern day freak show of various female characters.  According to Tzer Island: "Freakish in mind or body they may be, but Milbrodt's characters have the same problems as everyone else . . . . The characters are worth knowing, and the insight they provide into unusual lives is worth pondering." 

The second horror book is The Hair Wreath and Other Stories written by Halli Villegas and read by Dawn Harvey.  This is a collection of nineteen strange stories.  From Ellen Datlow:  "A touch of magical realism, a whiff of the dark. Great emotional intensity is wrought in only a few pages. Domestic skirmishes, open ended mysteries and always—in the midst of life—the delicate scent of corruption. Villegas's fresh voice promises a great future in speculative literature."

Next up are three new additions to the science fiction/fantasy area.  Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks is the first book of the Elemental Logic series -- Earth * Air * Water * Fire.  Narrated by Anita Roy Dobbs, this book has received starred reviews from two publications.  "Marks is an absolute master of fantasy in this book."--Booklist (starred review) and "A work that is filled with an intelligence that zings off the page."--Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The second sci/fi/fantasy release is Race for the Heir by Kirsty Riddiford.  This is part 2 of the Prophecies of Ballitor, which started with The Book of Prophecies.   Read by Ruth Golding, this book continues Ben's adventures.  Ben returns home to the royal city of Quadrivium expecting a hero s welcome. Instead, he finds the city in turmoil. The king has been found dead in suspicious circumstances, clearing the way for someone to rule the kingdom through the infant prince. Ben immediately suspects his old enemy, the pale man. Or could it be the vainglorious Cardinal Bolt, who shows an excessive interest in the Book of Prophecies? The race for the heir is on when the prince is discovered to be missing.

Third in the sci/fi/fantasy genre is Tranquility's Blaze by Krista D. Ball.  This book is the first volume of the Trails of Tranquility.   Recorded by Cori Samuel.  From Ada Hoffman, Amazon Review (editorial):  "This isn't a book for readers who like their women whiny, wimpy, and well-behaved. Krista D. Ball doesn't break the epic fantasy mold with this volume, but she does something arguably more difficult: she picks up the tropes, dusts them off, and restores a realism that they usually lack."

The sixth newest release from Iambik is in the crime genre and is titled Downshift by Matt Hughes.  This is a 'Sid Rafferty' thriller and is narrated by Bob Gonzalez.   Sid Rafferty is between writing jobs, a rock and a hard place, and the poles of his luck. At this point, he’s willing to take on just about any writing gig. But when a return to his political spin-doctor days collides with what should be a simple promo piece about a new ski resort in British Columbia’s playground, Sid finds himself out of his depth, over his head, in love and at risk of his life.

You can listen to the entire first chapters of these books on the Iambik website.   All of the books are currently for sale on Audible along with Iambik's other productions. 

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