Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday Sales and the Blue Bird Bus

Duane, Linda and I hit several sales yesterday morning including a parking lot sale at a terrific vintage shop and several garage sales.  As usual, we didn't come home empty-handed.  The parking lot sale is a sale that's held twice a year at a shop called Sherry's YesterDaze in (you guessed it) the parking lot.  There are always interesting items for sale -- mostly vintage.  A mobile library/art shop called the Blue Bird Bus was also there.  This is a terrific little 'shop-on-wheels' founded by writer and artist Mitzi Gordon.  She carries books for all ages on her bus along with arts and crafts.  Linda and I both purchased books from Mitzi's bus and also came away with origami cranes made from old maps.  Mitzi makes these in her spare time and gives them away.  To find out more about Mitzi and the Blue Bird Bus, please check out her website here.

After leaving Sherry's, we hit a few local garage sales in Duane's neighborhood.  Duane lives in one of the best parts of town for artsy/craftsy stuff and people.  Sherry's store is located there and it's also the home of the Blue Bird Bus even though the bus does get around to other areas.  Duane's big find for the day was a fog machine for her son Scott who fronts a band called Brutality.   Brutality uses a fog machine but had been renting one before this.  Now they have one of their own at a great price.  Besides, books, dishes and some smaller items, Linda bought a really pretty English tea tin. 

We made our usual stop at Starbucks for drinks and a treat before calling it a morning.  Next weekend we plan to go to the Chiseler's sale.  This will be the 50th year it's been held.  If you look back in my archives for the past two years in March, I've posted about their sale here.  I'll do the same for this year's sale.

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