Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I won a big give-away from the writers at BelleBooks!

The authors at BelleBooks (and Bell Bridge Books) had a big '20 pound' Christmas give-away and I was the lucky winner!  I have a special place in my heart for this publisher because I've narrated two of their books --  Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes by Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Virginia Ellis, Debra Dixon, Donna Ball and Nancy Knight and, more recently, A Dixie Christmas by Sandra Hill.  The notice of the giveaway was posted on the writer's blog Riding With The Top Down.  I left a comment just as many other hopeful entrants did and I was the lucky one when a name was drawn.  I thought I'd share pictures of what I received in my '20 pound package.'

Seriously, this was a great haul!  Where do I start?  I love receiving all of the books by the various writers at Belle Books, of course, but they also added a t-shirt signed by the writers featured on their blog, another t-shirt with a cool saying, "Drink Responsibly.  Read Recklessly," several book bags -- the red one has a C.S. Lewis quote, "Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again...", bookmarks, two rulers, a Christmas ornament (cute pair of mittens) and a very pretty pendant featuring the word (what else?) "Love."  I should also add that several of the books were autographed.  Very nice touch, ladies.

I know that giveaways are not unusual on writer and publisher's sites but this was way beyond anything I've ever won or seen offered before.  I have enough here to open up my own little romance lending library.  And, I suspect that's what I'll be doing to share my good fortune with family and friends.

A shout out to Lois Greiman for sending me not one but two emails to let me know that I'd won.  I really try to be careful when checking my email and do so constantly each day but I had missed her first notice.  So glad she gave me another chance!  Thank you, Lois, and all the writers at BelleBooks!

Now it's back to editing before I head back into my studio for the book I'm currently recording.  This prize was a great pick-me-up when I received it late yesterday!

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