Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday Estate Sale = Cool stuff

Linda and I headed to an estate sale yesterday morning that looked really promising.  Duane couldn't make it this time because she had an appt.  Usually the best estate sales are held in older parts of town in older houses where the occupant(s) lived for many years.  However, this one was different.  It was actually a bit 'out in the country' compared to the areas we usually hit.  The house was large and on the newer side and sat on a large piece of property overlooking a lake.  The company holding the sale is known for having good ones and this one did not disappoint.

The house was two-floors and pretty much everything was for sale.  This included personal items such as make-up and his and her closets full of clothing.  Lots of nice art on the walls.  I was tempted by a couple of the signed prints (fairly priced) but I didn't see one that would quite fit in anywhere that I could visualize in my house.

There was quite a bit of furniture and it covered different styles from mid-century modern to antique reproductions and contemporary.  Also an abundance of china, porcelain and glassware.  It's always interesting to try to figure out what sort of career the owner had.  In this case, other than obvious signs that the man was a graduate of The Citadel in South Carolina, the interests of the owners ranged from cooking to music to art (not just the art and photography on the walls but also art supplies).  Besides more mundane items that I like to search (books, DVDs), I also like to search for unusual or slightly off-the-wall items.

I ended up purchasing a James Bond DVD with Daniel Craig that I've never seen; a paperback picture book about the famous Canadian quintuplets, the Dionnes, published in 1935; two wood musical director batons (I thought these were really cool); an old set of crochet hooks; a spool of thin white ribbon for a knitting project I'm currently working on; and a fab sterling silver charm of Jefferson's Monticello.  Linda didn't leave empty-handed, either.  She bought a hardbound copy of The New Yorker cat cartoons, an old silverplate tea strainer (she loves hot tea), and an embroidered tea cloth with two matching napkins.  

My haul.

Linda's loot.
Oh, I almost forgot that this was only the third or fourth time I've ever had to stand in line to get into a sale.  There were over 30 people in front of us in line before the sale started.  I know this because the lady in front of us counted and gave us the total.  :)  I've seen her with her husband at other sales we've attended.  They were very friendly and were pointing out different people in the crowd and the stuff they like to buy.  Like the couple they've gotten to know who go to these sales and buy up anything with any gold or silver in it and then sell from a shop they own.  They're only open one day a week because they make so much money from what they find.  You really do meet some interesting people.

We hit up Panera's afterwards for iced coffee (me), hot tea (Linda) and pastry for both of us.  It was a terrific sale and well worth the trip and the information about the other customers.

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