Saturday, July 21, 2012

Like horror? My latest recording available on Audible

My latest recording, "Autopsy" by Joel M. Andre went on sale on Audible yesterday.  This one is a short story so it's only around 30 minutes long.  Fun to read since I like creepy stories.  It's also available via Amazon and should be up on iTunes pretty soon.

The direct link to Audible is here.   It's also available on Amazon here.  

I decided to give myself a break from recording -- it seems like I've been in my closet/studio non-stop lately.  Yesterday, I went to Ikea with my friends Duane and Linda.  Naturally, we all found a few things to buy and scoped out some possible future purchases.  I fell in love with the most adorable metal cart on wheels.  It was in the kitchen 'island' area.  The color is what first caught my eye -- turquoise.  Then I realized that due to it's petite size, I could use it for open storage in a number of places in my house.  So, I bit.  It's now sitting in my home office next to one end of the futon.  The photo at right is from the Ikea site.  I'll post one of mine when I've finished loading it up.  It also comes in gray.

Duane was eying some of the bathroom sinks made specifically for small bathrooms -- which she happens to have in her house.  She's probably going back for one of them on her next visit.  She and Linda both bought really pretty blue and white pillow covers that sported an old fashioned design yet looked very much 'now' like Ikea goods usually do.  We all found things to buy in the kitchen and bath areas and Linda and I were both interested in the Poang chair which comes in a variety of finishes and cushions.  Our friend, Shirley, bought two of these for her family room a couple of years ago and they've held up really well, especially considering how inexpensive they can be.  The price basically depends on what type of cushions you choose.   Now if I could only get George to give up just ONE of the leather loveseats in our family room...

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